Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hump Day hrumph

Its cold and rainy again and dagnabit its July. Where's my sunshine? I blame the lack of sun on my current blah state of mind. If you want to skip the rant, there's knitting content at the end of my post.

Guess who was the first one to say I'm bored? ME! The kids have plenty to keep them busy, namely, driving me bat shit crazy. I was told by Thing 2 while we were at the pool on Sunday that I take stuff too seriously and that I needed to "lighten up." How can I lighten up when I'm trying to work, corral them into doing chores and other meaningful activities, cook meals and clean all day long? If I'm not breaking up a squabble, I'm constantly being summoned or questioned - "WHY can't I?" is heard a lot round these parts. What I need is a "real" vacation where none of those aforementioned things are involved for a couple of days. Though we been to beach bunches of times this summer (I know you're saying cry me a river), I haven't had a break from being mom/wife/housekeeper. I HAVE mastered superbitch. Just ask anyone who lives with me. Why is the job of being Mom so hard and when did I become such a fun sucker?

I'm bored. I can't start or even finish any major knitting projects because I'm constantly interrupted. Can't afford to go anywhere. Don't have much free time and when I do it goes way too fast. Most days, I can't even get a moment to myself in the bathroom. King Thing says I should be flattered to have the attention of three males. Um, wha? Maybe I'm just looking at the situation the wrong way. Or maybe its the hormones. Don't get me wrong. I love my family. And I'd do anything for them. I guess I'm just worn ragged right now.

Okay, nuff kvetching. Ravelry has me by the short and curlies. I never imagined such a neat tool could exist on the internets. I admit, I pooh poohed it (to myself) not knowing what it was all about until I got my invite. It has so many awesome capabilities. Just don't knock it until you've had a chance to explore it. It is truly worth the wait.

If any of you subscribe to my Flickr feed, you've seen me adding pictures for Ravelry. While I might not be blogging regularly, you can at least see some of the stuff that I'm working on regardless of whether you're on Rav or not. Here are a few shots of stuff that's come off the needles in recent weeks:

Yarn for Sahara neckline and sleeves
Handspun Blue Moon Fiber Arts mulberry silk/merino roving. Used in the diamond rib sections of Sahara

Sahara in progress
Sahara is still a WIP. Knit with Louisa Harding Grace that I hand dyed this shade of blue using Jacquard dyes. The diamond rib sections are knit with my handspun Blue Moon Fiber mulberry silk/merino roving. I'm still spinning the yarn to finish the sleeves and the bottom sections.

Knit n' Tonic Dream Swatch Headwraps
The best beach knitting ever! Not to mention, they're great to wear at the beach. I made mods to pattern to taper them and included garter stitch rows so that they'd lay flatter. The blue is my handspun and dyed tussah silk, salmon is Louisa Harding, the third one is my handspun and dyed merino/tencel and the tropical colored one is Laines du Nord Mulberry silk. Kinda like Pringles - you can't make just one.

Dream swatch wrap on my head Another Dream Swatch shot
Dream Swatch Headwrap on my head

Cheeky Monkey Socks
Cheeky Monkey Socks made from Amy Boogie's Cheeky Monkey roving

Morning Glory Wrap - 1st half

First half of Knitspot's gorgeous Morning Glory Wrap/Stole still in its unblocked state. Made from my own handspun and dyed merino/tencel in the colorway I named "Hydrangea"

Morning Glory at the beach
Morning Glory at the beach (Thing 2 and my nephew are playing in the background)

Hydrangea Colorway Handspun
"Hydrangea" colorway

There's much, much more. Some designs are in the works and I owe everyone some serious updates. I promise more soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

In the grips of Ravelry

Shhhh, go away boys, you bother me. Mom just got a Ravelry invite and she's trying to get her stuff uploaded to Ravelry. No, I'm not cooking dinner. No, I won't look at your high score on your blah, blah, blah game. Yes, I'm going to spend the next few weeks working on this until they pry the keyboard from my cold dead hands. So many things to do, so little time...