Monday, August 21, 2006

Not dead yet

Okay, I've endured some ribbing from my cyber and in the flesh friends as of late. "Are you still alive? Would it kill you to post just once this summer?" Apparently some bloggers in Richmond thought that I had met my maker :) Not yet, I can assure you that I'm still alive. The equation for the summer that has ruled my life is:

Two boys out of school for the summer + work kicking my arse (in a good way though) + several vacation trips + "Groundhog Day" laundry, house cleaning and cooking = very little personal time (aka blogging, knitting, etc.)

I'll be back in the saddle again after Labor Day when school starts, life returns to a routine and I sadly bid farewell to one of the best summers ever. So hang in there. I'll have some real posts soon. Lots to catch up on. Lots of photos. Lots of stories to tell. But still no buttercream.