Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Nikon, your time here was too short

Oh the humanity. It began so innocently with me taking pictures at a friend's house over the weekend. It ended so suddenly, abruptly, tragically with my dear sweet Nikon falling in slow motion to meet her untimely demise against the unforgiving concrete below. I was helpless, turning around just in time to see my friend stumbling to catch my baby that he'd dropped. Alas, none of us could catch her in time. Her last breath was a feeble electronic whir as the lens retracted into her body. It was an accident but I know that she will never be the same again. "Lens error" is all her screen reads now. I'm not sure that she can be repaired. She was but a babe, only six months old. I'm so, so sad that she's possibly gone forever :(

That being said, there are no pictures of current WIPs so I'll entertain you with some that I took last week.

Mom, GMa and Me Posted by Hello

A very tired DH modeling the Kittyville hat Posted by Hello

Close up of Kittyville hat (using Inspirations yarn) Posted by Hello

Me and my brother circa 1974 - gotta love that hair! Posted by Hello

In spite of the Nikon incident, our visit with friends this weekend was wonderful. DH and the boys went to the Tech/NC game while me and the girls (and DSS#2 who would like to be a girl) went shopping. We visited the famous (and very crowded) A Southern Season and sampled lots of yummy goodness. I was in cooking heaven! I can't wait to go back after the holidays so that I can take more of this wonderful gourmet store in. We also braved South Point mall for a short period of time. We all burnt out after an hour (the lines and crowds were unbelievable) and threw in the towel for the rest of the weekend.

On the spinning front, Jen is putting together a sampler for me with some of her Spirit Trail fibers though I've been given several other recommendations for great fibers in VA. I'm eyeballing the dog right now as she's beginning to go through one of her infamous fall Corgi sheds. I bet that I can get several ounces out of her if I brush her good over the next few weeks. This will take some research on how to prep it, etc. Who knew that I could actually make use of her fabulously annoying fluff?

I got too busy earlier in the week and never got to order my Golding :( Hopefully I'll get the order in today. Spinners are such kind and wonderful people. If you're interested in venturing into this fiber art world, check out these two Yahoo groups - Spindlers and Spin List. You'll be able to gather more information than you ever imagined existed on these two lists. And of course, there's always my fav, Knitters Review forums.

On the knitting front, I'm almost finished with the houndstooth bag. I finished the body and I'm about halfway through the front flap. The bag looks like a messenger bag. DH is quite amazed at how this project is turning out especially when he looks at the inside. I know that Mom will love it! I'm toying with the idea of adding some pockets on the inside for her cell phone, keys, etc., a zipper and a change purse. I think I'll scrap the matching mittens. I've never seen my mom wear mittens and frankly the prospect of more stranded knitting right now seems daunting. I'm ready to move on to another project.

My Threadbear order finally arrived on Monday though I'd already found the natural Cascade 220 at a little shop in NC during my visit. I rescued a skein of grey Cascade Indulgence (yummy fine alpaca and angora) from the 'blah" of the NC store. It will remain nameless to protect the innocent but lets just say that I now know where they send orange, brown and yellow yarns from the 70s to die. Also in my Threadbear order was a white skein of Indulgence and Diakeito Diadomina to play with. Happy birthday to me!

Well, I'm headed back to bed (yes, I called in sick today). I'm nursing a fever and possible strep throat and need more rest. Everytime I'm out in major metro areas, I come back home with the crud. This is getting old :( Have a great day!


Amie said...

Oh... I'm SO sorry about your camera... I can just feel that heart-in-throat choking feeling as you see it fall in slow motion... I'm so sorry.

If it's any consolation, I know you'll love love love what Jen sends you. Her stuff is fantastic, and you'll do wonderful things with it!

La said...

Wow! I LOVE the family photos, especially the 1974. Reminds me of some early 70s pictures my mom has of us 4 kids, all 3 boys being in plaid Brady Bunch pants...oh, the horror! Looks like your DH is a good sport, what a doll!

Sorry about the Nikon. I prefer the Sony Cybershots. Junior has the P72, we've got the P73 (one step higher) and the P93 is looking mighty sweet, IF you're in the market for a replacement

Heather said...

"I know where they send orange, brown and yellow yarns from the 70s to die."

hahaha! you are so funny! How hideous.

I feel your pain my dear...I have's no fun to get the city crud.

LOVE the hat...dh you are a good sport!

I have your address...I am sending you a little treat...teehee! :)

feel better my dearest tanya-muse!