Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Binging and Purging

If any of you have Scorpios in your lives, you know how hard they can crash and burn from time to time before they rise to renewed glory out of the ashes. I'm learning as I grow older to recognized these crash and burn scenarios and try to head them off at the pass before they blind side me. Such have been the last four weeks. I had so much coming at me that I had to purge some parts of my life that I didn't really want to but had to in order to maintain my sanity. I took sabbatical from most everything except work, the Things and knitting. The rest of it - including email, blogging and blog reading - was placed carefully aside to wait until I got past that "oh shit I'm drowning, somebody save me" period that I was having. And while I've missed keeping up with your fiberadventures and showing you all of the gifts that have been flying off my needles, I was glad to have the break. I didn't spiral into depression. I didn't keep myself up at night with anxiety attacks. And most of all, I was readily to the important people in my life. So many wondrous things have happened over the last few weeks. My organization received grant funding so I'll get to start back into my job full time very soon. My knitting classes have gone nuts lately and I have students coming out of my ears. I'm getting orders for hand knit items for the holidays. And I've spent loads of quality time with familiy and friends. I'm learning to say no and not "manage" (tee hee - Heaz) every aspect of my life. And also learning that sometimes letting go is really a good thing.

I'm sorry that I missed my own deadline for the Fall Foto contest. I promise to catch up on entries and wrap it up in the coming weeks. I also apologize for not responding to comments or emails. I hope to get some knitting photos up soon and resume some components of "regular" life in the coming weeks.(((((Big Hugs))))))))