Monday, September 14, 2009

A wild and crazy coupla weeks

The end of the summer is always a little nutty and bittersweet round these parts. King Thing sadly says goodbye to his beloved beach, the kids head back to school and I reclaim the house from its constant state of being overly lived in for four months. Its eeriely quiet, lonesome and blissful all at once.

King Thing hit a major milestone birthday - the big 4-0. I'm careening toward 40 though I get to put it off for a couple of months. Thing 2 started his first year of public school and so far so good. He's loving math, science and spanish so far. I'm keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed that he continues to like his new school. Thing 1 hasn't played in a football game yet but hopes to soon (picture me as scared Mom in the stands).

And oh yeah, the job thing for me. I'm still employed with my organization (insert happy dance) while we rework my position and its responsibilities. I know better than to jinx negotiations until after the ink is dry but if all works out, I'll still have a job after October. I'll keep you posted (still doing happy dance).

I've been knitting like a fiend since we've been home more and on the road less. I finished a drop stitch scarf that I just realized I haven't photographed yet. I made a little wiener dog for a friend of mine earlier this summer.

Knit Wiener Dog

And I finished the Mandarin collar tank but royally effed up the depth of the sleeves. (((sigh)))

IM's Mandarin-Collar tank

So I picked the collar off, shortened the shoulder seams and just need to reapply the collar. Now I just need a tall drink before I undertake that process. Taking the collar off alone nearly brought me to tears (but I did it dammit).

My favorite new project is by the very talented Stephen West and is called Daybreak.

Daybreak shawl grows even bigger...

I'm making mine with Karabella Boise (a yummy 50/50 merino/cashmere blend) and Punta Mericash (a 30/70 cashmere/merino blend). Great yarn, great pattern, not enough hours in the day to finish it faster. I've got a touch of carpal in my left wrist from overdoing it this weekend - ouch!

I've joined the 2nd She-Knits Mystery KAL on Ravelry and can't wait until it starts next week. I get a little antsy when I don't have another project planned as another one is winding down. Not like there aren't enough FOs in my knitting room that could use some attention. We'll just shut the door and pretend that they're not there.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I'm Twittering now as theindigomuse. What's your Twitter name? I'd love to follow your tweets too. Have a super week!