Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stuffie butts and such

You asked for it. Here's a butt shot:

Pink Puppy Butt
Stuffie Butt

Still can't guess what it is? Well, its supposed to be a puppy. Yeah, I know. It DOES kinda look like a pig and a bunnie. Thanks Grace and Renee for figuring out that its a puppy dog. (((sigh))) The original Japanese pattern offered a couple of options to make it a bunny or a cat. But I wanted a dog. If I had made the ears bigger, they would have flopped better and it MIGHT have looked more like a dog. I'm still learning. Trust me, there have been numerous failed attempts. Like this cute mouse pattern from Sewing Stars and my not so cute mouselike creature. A word of advice - don't drink and embroider.

Sewing Stars Mouse
Exhibit A - Sad Purple Mousie (I'm really really mad because she stitched my eyes on all wonky)

Go figure. I'm not even going to show you some of the others. They are true misfit toys. I have had some successes since I posted the puppy. I'll post them soon so you can see that I HAVE learned something about sewing toys.

So what else have I been up to lately? Plenty. I've been...

Felting stuff for a book that I can't show you yet.

Tickled pink because two of my patterns made it into the 2008 Knitting Pattern-A-Day calendar.

My patterns are in 2008 Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar

Finished a store sample for the Trinity class that I taught last week at SereKnity.

Trinity (Autumnal version for SereKnity)
Finished Autumnal Trinity

Attended VA's 2007 Dustbowl err Fall Fiber Festival. Saw Robin and her sweet hubby and sucked a friend into spinning at the same fiber festival (Waves at Heather sheepishly).

Fall Fiber Festival 2007
H and the sheepies

Kickin' it at Monticello
H and me kickin' it at Monticello

Watched my "baby" go to his first Homecoming dance and play in drumline in marching band just like his momma did a bazillion years ago.

Thing 1 - First Homecoming dance

Thing 1 - Homecoming 2007

Thing 1 - First band competition
How is this kid almost 15?

Baked cupcakes for a special friend's birthday. YUM!

Lemon poppyseed Butterfly cupcakes
From the book "Cupcakes!". Thanks for the book TE!

Watching the Autumn sky whilst enjoying the Indian Summer weather (wish it would never end) and wondering where the time goes every single day.

Autumn morning sky October 2007
Autumn sky pic taken by my surprisingly observant Thing 1 at 7 am.
Come to think of it, perhaps he missed the bus because he was taking this picture...

Monday, October 01, 2007

What does this look like to you?

Pink Softie

Every attempt I've made at sewing softies for the past week have been met with "what's that supposed to be?" by my loving Things. So sensitive and thoughtful, they all are. So tell me, what do YOU think it looks like? Just wondering if my sewing is that awful that you can't tell what the finished product is. (((Sigh))) Maybe I should stick with knitting and spinning...