Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Fiber Festival

Hello all. Man I've been busy. So much fun with friends, family and fiber fiends. I'll post more of my escapades next week. Just a quick note with regard to the Spring Fiber Festival that's tomorrow at the Sedalia Center in Bedford Virginia. If you're out there, please say "Hi." I'll have Rogue on if its chilly and Kermit the Frog lace bitters on my tennis shoes :) Have a great weekend!


Dianna said...

Beautiful Rogue!

Heather said...


she looks terrific!!!

Mary said...

I admired your Rogue from afar when I saw you wearing it at Sedalia -- gorgeous!

Are you a Virginian? Did I not know that? I need to add you to my "Local Bloggers" blogroll!

-Mary :-)