Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finished objects so far this year

Wowzers! My last post put you right to sleep. Not a peep outta anyone. I guess no comments are better than some of the fur that's flying on some other blogs these days. I read this post a week or so ago and it truly spoke volumes to me about how I can lead a happier blog life. That's all I'm saying lest I too get flamed.

Anyhoo, for what its worth, here are a few of my 2007 goal related FO's that have popped off my needles in recent weeks.

Sheepy Zune Cozy

Pattern: My own based on the measurements for my Zune (Microsoft version of iPod)
Yarn: Tweedy wool reclaimed from thrift store sweater and my own handspun Finnsheep
Needles: Size 3 Inox circulars

Stranded Zune Cozy plans

Stranded Zune Cozy - Front

Stranded Zune Cozy - Back


This was great practice toward my goal of mastering stranded knitting this year. I also recycled some yarn, incorporated handspun yarn into the project and practiced pattern writing using a chart. Plus, I got to knit sheep with sheep. How kewl is that? If anyone is interested, I'm happy to post the pattern. Just drop me a line.

Chinese New Year Piggie/Boar


Pattern: my own based on a Chinese New Year photo of ceramic boars
Fiber: Dave Simpson "Dharma" - silk/merino blend in pinks, peach and orange and a smidge of black merino for the eyes and detailing
Needles: Clover needle felting tool with fine (size 34 I think) felting needles
Finished size: 1 1/2" h x 1 1/2" w

Chinese New Year Piggie

Chinese New Year Piggie

Notes: I love how piggie turned out. And he's so tiny. Can't think of a good name for him though. This is the first time that I've needle felted with my Clover tool though I bought it over 6 months ago. It is a dream to use and makes quick work of needle felting projects. I still like using a single needle for the detail work, though.

The body is a a needle felted ball made with several layers of fiber. I then made two triangles for the ears and attached them to the head. Next, I affixed a small ball for the nose and felted it into place. Four pyramid shapes for the legs were felted and attached. The tail was a twisted piece of fiber that was knotted and attached. The nose, eyes and toes were added last. Took about an hour or so to leisurely finish while watching Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest (I sure hope the final installment ties up all of the weird loose ends from this one) in January.

This project doesn't fall under any of my goals for 07. It was just simple fun!

Noni Patterns "Ruffs and Cuffs"


Pattern: Noni Patterns (Formerly Noni Bags) Ruffs and Cuffs
Yarn: Cascade Pastaza
Needles: Size 10 Clover bamboo

Ruffs and Cuffs - Noni Patterns

Ruffs and Cuffs - Inside

Ruffs and Cuffs - Unassembled Flower

Ruffs and Cuffs - Unfelted Flowers

Notes: The construction on this pattern is freaking sweet. Each flower is knit as a chain (see the photo above) and then stitched together. Then all of the flowers are lightly felted, assembled and a velvet backing is stitched on the inside of the collar. Add a magnetic snap and you're already to hit the town in your new accessory. I've worn this one quite a bit to keep my neck warm and gotten lots of great compliments. A truly fun pattern to knit and would make great gifts for the holidays next year (Its not to early to start planning now).

Got some fiber to flash you with in the next post. Hope to see some of you at RVS&K in Salem tonight!


La said...

What a cute piggie! And your CSI lambs are adorable.

I'd be tempted except it's, you know, CSI

Oh well, I'll just have to admire yours

La said...

You could name him Hamlet?


Renee said...

I love the sheep cozy. Very cute.

emmy said...

Love it!
This little piggy went to market!

KnitNana said...

Darling piggy, adorable sheep! Stranded are so far above me!!
Glad to see you last night, tho' we didn't really get to chat!

Stephanie said...

Oh no, I must say that your last post did not put me to sleep. I didn't comment because after reading it, I became so introverted with thoughts of my own needs in the subject of knitting practice/improvement: I felt I should really work on a list for myself. I ended up walking away from the computer in a daze, and cleaning like mad while comtemplating what I should work on first. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.

Bev in TN said...

Love, love, love the sheepy zune! I'm a sucker for anything sheepy, but then I suspect most knitters/spinners are. Also loving your Trinity and thanks for sharing the instructions.

Amy Boogie said...

Such cuteness. The Zune cover and the piggie are fantastic. How about naming the piggy "dinner" or "Honey Roasted" - I know, I'm a bad vegan.

Birdsong said...

What a creative collection of work! I love the piggie, and you could probably find hundreds of takers for a pattern for your sheep cuzie. I like the name "Honey Roasted"!

Wanda said...

Love that Zune cover, that is so cute. I love that you put sheep in it. Very creative!

eyeleen said...

adorable little piggy! Lovely little sheep on your zune cover.

Pat said...

Tanya, I would love to get your zune pattern to make for my son's zune. very cute, mine will be minus sheep though as my skills are not that advanced. very cute, thanks