Thursday, April 26, 2007

Knitting for Hokies

As many of you have pointed out, there are several Hokie knitting projects including Project Hokie Hope (PHH) that have popped up since last week. I'm a firm believer in NOT diffusing charitable efforts (Non-profit system and community building are a huge part of my day job). My goal with PHH was to get knitters and other fiber friends from around the world to help the families heal. However, I prefaced my efforts by stating that I don't have a huge blog following and wasn't convinced that I'd have the numbers to pull off such a large undertaking. Considering the widespread support and following that Mosaic Yarn Shop has both industry wide and through its customer base (and the fact that they're actually located IN Blacksburg), I believe that our efforts should be channelled into the Hokie Healing project that was launched over the weekend. Visit the Mosaic blog post for more details as they are different than the ones originally set out for PHH. I've already begun knitting several squares for the project and based on the outpouring of support, am sure that it will achieve its goal of providing blankets for each of the victim's families.

Project Hokie Hope will continue with a different and less ambitious goal. Yes, you are welcome to still send in donations and thank you for your support. My thought is that a fiber art piece could be made and then raffled or auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. However, I'll consult with those of you make donations before a final decision is made. I'll keep you - the blog reader - posted about its progress periodically.

Many thanks to everyone who wants to help with the healing process. It is so wonderful to know that people from around the world are wrapping their arms around one little town in Virginia.


Pooch said...

Hi! How wonderful that so many people are moved to reach out to those directly effected by this tragedy.

I have mailed a burnt orange square to you and trust your judgement on how best use it.

May God bless all.


Dianne said...

I will make squares and see if I can enlist my S&B friends also..We may even drop off, since we've been trying to find a legit excuse to go to Mosaic..thanks for all your efforts..I am sure it will be a success!!Happy Knitting~~

Gina said...

I'm knitting right now for Project Hokie the next few months, I might get mighty tired of looking at Hokie colored yarn! But till then...