Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day!!!!

After many weeks of hearing from Thing 1 and 2 "when is it going to snow?" We finally got a decent snow and thus school was closed today.

View from the front door

View from the deck

I love a good snow day as long as we don't get too many of them. Some of the magic of a snow day has disappeared since I've been telecommuting for the last four years and am home most of the time anyway. But it is nice to watch big fluffy flakes of snow fall quietly outside of my office/knitting room window. Even the piggie got to play in the snow though I can tell you that she doesn't like it nearly as much as she does the beach.

Piggie in the snow

Brrr. Let me in guys...

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been a spinning fool since the holidays. For some reason, I hit my spinning stride every January and don't slow down until late Spring. Robin told me about NaSpiMoMo - National Spin More Month that was started by Margene. Its cool to see what people are spinning up daily around the globe. And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who tends to spin and pet the resulting skeins of yarn. I hope that this is the year that I actually figure out what to do with some of the yarn.

One of my spinning goals for 2008 is to spin finer weight yarn. After lots of practice and disappointing results, I've finally been able to harness the power of sweet Arwen, my wheel and spin fingering weight plied yarn. These two practice skeins came off the wheel within the last week. Both are 28 WPI (plied) with approximately 110 yards per ounce.

Woodbridge "Raja" gifted to me by Robin

Woodbridge "Raja" roving

"Creatively Dyed Corriedale"

Creatively Dyed handspun

I'm thrilled that I can spin this fine though its not something I want to do all the time. I feel like a spider spinning threadlike singles except not as fast. I have two ounces left of the Raja and about 6 ounces left of the Creatively Dyed fiber to spin this fine and then I think I'm going to take a break from fingering weight fibers. The fun part about spinning the Creatively Dyed roving is experimenting with how I split the roving. The first ounce was split in half and then torn into 8 inch sections in an effort to produce long lengths of color. The second ounce that I'm working on now was also split in half but then I split each length into 6 sections. I can't wait to see how different each ounce spins up.

Not much happening on the Jeanie front. I've knit almost an inch over the last day or so its almost mini skirt length.

Indigomuse's Jeanie - 6"

Since Jeanie will take many a fortnight to finish. I plan to periodically distract you with other FOs. Like these convertible mittens that were finished and gifted to a friend's daughter after the first of the year.

Convertible Mittens Convertible mittens (open)

I'm about to cast on a couple of Shaun the Sheep projects to help break up my current knitting boredom. Anyone have some ideas on what I should cast on next?


Robin said...

Poor~Poor Piggie! You really should knit her some gloves!!!

WOW...that Raja came out beautiful, but then again when does Mr. Simpson go wrong? Your other spinning is purdy too!

NaSpiMoMo has made me more productive, I'm over 1/2 way though 3 lbs of shetland!

Keowdie said...

Horray for snow days! We always seem to get them on Fridays, when I don't see students anyway, so I kinda miss out on them too.

I think you should knit Piggie some little socks for these snowy winter days!

Love the spinnin & knittin projects! I really must get back to my wheel soon...

KnitNana said...

What nice snow it was, too! I love your spinning, so pretty!

Leslie Shelor said...

Lovely Spinning; you're getting fine down just great! I do a lot more spinning in the winter, too.

Karen said...

All of you spinners amaze me at the gorgeous yarns you make. And your knitting is outstanding and beautiful. This blog was a joy to look through.
LOVE the pig!