Friday, August 22, 2008

Home again, home again jiggetty jig

I can't recall what nursery rhyme the title is from but that's what I kept singing in my head when I finally got back home after a week long vacation in Chitown with King Thing. Not that I didn't have an absolute blast but considering we've been gone so much this summer, there really is no place like home.

King Thing was in Chicago for a two week long training session. His company kindly offered to send me up to visit him and we chomped on the opportunity. My dear friends in Raleigh kept Thing 1 and 2 while I was gone and we were able to spend several days alone for the first time in probably 10 years!

I had a couple of days on my own while DH attended classes on the campus of McDonalds University (no, he doesn't work for Mickey D's, they were using their training center) so I made the most of those days by visiting Oakbrook Center Mall. In the process, I made three new retail friends - Lush, Lucy and Lululemon Athletica. Everyone working in the stores were so nice and helpful. I don't think I met a single unfriendly person while shopping. I even found these wire sheep at Anthropologie.

Wire and bead sheep at Anthropologie at Oakbrook Center

I spy wire sheep and friendly peeps

People in Chicago seemed to be very eager to help no matter what the problem was. The weather was picture perfect so we decided to spend our time tooling around downtown Chicago. We rode the train and several water taxis.

Three planes converge during the air and water show More Downtown Chicago from a water taxi

We rode on trains, water taxis and watched planes

We watched the air and water show while sipping drinks in the lounge on the 96th floor of the Hancock Center.

The Lounge on the 96th Floor of the Hancock Center in Chicago

We shopped the Miracle Mile (thank goodness I'd bought new walking shoes or my feet would have fallen off by the end of the weekend). Visited American Girl Place and the Lego Store even though we didnt have kids with us.

Lego Tarantula Lego Sue takes Chicago by storm

Saw some pretty cool street performers.

The Original Chicago Tin Man street performer

Ate a Chicago style pizza at Giordanos.

Mmmm, Giordanos

Had incredible meals at Wildfire and Fultons by The River.

Full moon outside of Wildfire in Oakbrook
Downtown Chicago taken from the patio of Fultons on the River

Gnoshed on fish and chips and beer at Elephant and Castle near the Union Station train stop. Visited the Field Museum and saw lots of cool mummies in the Egypt exhibit and of course, Sue the T-Rex.

Close up of Sue the T-Rex Wrapped mummy with face mask Globe with Chicago Skyline

Visited the Navy Pier. Saw a castle in the middle of downtown Chicago. Looked up at the Sears Tower.

Yep, a castle in Downtown Chicago Looking up at the Sears Tower

In all, we had several fabulous days together and reconnected in way that we haven't in ages. We're already planning our next trip - woot woot.


Robin said...


KnitNana said...

Looks like a fabby time all around! So glad you could do a couple's trip!

Bess said...

What a pizza! Isn't it nice to you you had such good taste in men all those years ago? Congratulations on fun play with big thing.

Pam! said...

I am SO jealous. Jealous with a BIG J!
The only thing you didn't do that I would have done was go to the Art Institute and see my 2 favorite paintings. I got the chance to spend a day in Chitown several years ago and only had a chance to do my favs. (Field Museum & Art Inst.)
What a special trip the both of you ... especially without the kids!

emmy said...

Great Pictures to share a great time!! So happy for you!

Robin said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just in CHI! too bad of the timing.. it is a great city isnt it?? glad you had a fab time sweets