Monday, June 14, 2004

To market, to market

Well, I had a "Martha Stewart" weekend. No, I'm not on the brink of doing jail time - I guess I was more the classic Martha. I stayed up late to finish baking the Sculpey tops for my knitting needles. While I'm not nuts about the colors that I chose, they sure are cute! (pictures coming soon). I dove into finishing the Fresa wrap/scarf/thingy (pictures are coming) and made a pact with myself that I wouldn't start anything else until I finished it. Took it to the salon and finished it - yahoo! Now I could start my French Market bag. I chose a heathery blue and violet in Cascade 220. Right as I was starting it, this woman in the chair next to me started in with "how to market your bags to local boutiques" 101. I was a sales rep for 7 years and went to college for marketing and PR - I know how to market myself and products. She just kept on while I was trying to count my cast on stitches. Now I'm working this on my Denise needles but it sure did look awfully long. I kept knitting anyway just so that I didn't have to listen to her keep going on and on and on. Well, got home, found my ruler and guess what? The damn thing measured almost 18 inches and should have been 11" - hmmm, what did I do wrong? I checked the pattern again and oops, didn't notice that there actually was a needle size (never had to use one before and have always knit with 13 - 17 needles when felting projects). I'd been knitting on 15s!A dilemma: plod ahead have a bag big enough to carry one of the kids in, run out of yarn and knit this thing forever OR frog it? I gave in and frogged the whole thing - something I can say I've never done. I switched to size 10s (I flat out refuse to go to a size 7 which what was recommended) and I stayed up till 1 am on a mission to get back to where I was when I got home from the salon. Lucky for me, it was only the bottom of the bag but I was still heartbroken :(

After a yummy breakfast on Sunday, I worked on Frenchie some more. I hate small needles. I'll never ever ever make a pair of socks. There's just no way. I finally got to switch colors which made me realize that I have a long way to go - heavy sigh. Decided to make some cute stitch markers and plan for some other projects to wrap up the weekend. I haven't given up but I may need to make some adjustments to this pattern once I've seen how it turns out. I hope to have it finished by Thurs. or Friday. Overall, it was a good weekend for knitting :)

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xmasberry said...

the fmb colors sound great! fyi, i knit mine in cascade 220 and noro kureyon and i used #10 needles and it worked out fine, but yours will probably end up felting faster than mine did.
Grr! i hate when people talk to me when i am trying to count stitches. you showed real grace, however, in not getting up and walking away, which is what i would have done and then felt guilty about.