Friday, August 27, 2004

Keep Roguein Roguein Roguein - yeah!

Okay so I ripped off Limp Bizkit but its the song in my head while I'm knitting away on Rogue. I added the pocket last night - woo hoo! I really got excited thinking that I'd get to start on something different (I'm having fun with the more intricate cables)and that I'd get a repreave from the boring little cable rows that I've had to endure. But NO. I have 24 MORE Rows of these little cables before I get to move on. Sigh, maybe I'll get to the next part this weekend. I have nothing planned but to do some cleaning (yuck), watch the first Hokie football game of the season (and no doubt watch us get our asses handed to us) and enjoy the last week before the official end of summer. I get so melancholy during this time of year. I love sunny weather and cringe at the thought that winter is right around the corner. I can't wait until I grow up and can escape the cold somewhere like Key West or the Carribean. Bundling up is not my idea of a good time though Rogue is going to help me with that problem this year :)

I asked DH last night if he'd like me to knit him something this fall. And for the first time in two years, he said yes. Of course he wants me to knit him a Himalayan sweater. Now I need to find a pattern. Have a great weekend...

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