Monday, January 03, 2005

Dreams about mittens

Latvian mitten dreams to be exact. Yes, I actually dreamed about Latvian Mittens last night. Okay, I admit it - I've been dreaming about them for the past several nights. Do I need mental help or what? That braid intrigues me and so do the patterns. Thanks to Sandy, I'm dying to try my hand at knitting these beauties. Can I handle two stranded knitting? Barely. After Da Hound, I was ready to scream. But then again, I hadn't read about the different techniques of throwing, dominant hand, etc. which might have helped me. Can I find a pattern to whet my appetite online? No of course not. My LYS is regularly not helpful (really nice people but seem to specialize in scarfs) and the book stores have none of the titles in stock. I'm stuck special ording a book and waiting for it to arrive. Keep in mind, I'm not patient and this prospect is a frustrating one :( Damn you Latvian Mittens. Damn youse to hell (you've gotta say it like Jay from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back").

Prior to the Latvian Mittens, I'd been dreaming about spinning wheels. Yup, I really DO need help. No wheel in particular in my dreams, just their contours, their spinning magic - I am so in LUST with spinning. I finally finished spinning and plying my first skein of yarn (the merino silk). $4 worth of fiber net 70 yards of the most beautiful plyed yarn (about 24 wraps per inch).
Here's a peek at the yarn (still on the niddy noddy after I steamed it to set the twist).

Freshly steamed handspun merino silk Posted by Hello

I'm still amazed. The unfortunate news is that somehow dear sweet Brighid was damaged after one of just a few falls (I only spin over the carpet and have been careful NOT to let her fall). The brass ring popped off the Ebony and won't stay seated on the spindle anymore. Boo hoo! I've emailed Mr. Golding to see if he can fix her. Poor baby :(

The good news is that I'm going to test spinning wheels tomorrow afternoon after a business meeting in Richmond. I promise to be open and wait for that one wheel to "sing" to me. Budget be damned! I should have an announcement of a new arrival on Wednesday - keep your fingers crossed for me!

Do you hear that? Shhhhh, be very quiet and listen with me.

*Is it the blaring of the TV from the two week football/Cartoon Network marathon? Nooooo. Is it the sound of noisy video games? Nooooo.
*Is it the click clack of the air hockey table that GMIL thought that the boys HAD to have for Christmas? Noooooo.
*Is it the constant whir of the neighbors' leaf blower - BTW, how many damn leaves can one yard have? No, no, no.

That, my friends, is the sound of silence. Just the sound of the birds chirping, a slight breeze, warm sunshine and 65 degreee temperatures on this glorious first week of January. This picture embodies my gratitude for the day...

Sunrise on a new day Posted by Hello

Its so good to be home alone again. Don't get me wrong, I loved having my Testoterone Trio home for the holidays but I need my space and certainly haven't had any for the last two weeks. And at the end of my "vacation" DH decided to make me help him clean out the garage - yuck! However, we purged nearly 20 tubs of "stuff" to charity and could play indoor soccer in the garage if we wanted to. Still I wanted to be a happy couch dwelling slug and he wouldn't let me - harumpf.

I'll post my 2004 favorites tonight to get you through Tuesday without me. I'll be out of town but hope to have a new baby with me on Wednesday. To usher in 2005, I present my first WIP that has promptly been frogged.

Wave goodbye to Noro Wavy Posted by Hello

I tried to love you Noro (Kureyon) Wavy but it was not meant to be. DH - being the fiber snob that he is - even commented on your roughness. Piecing the scraps of leftovers together was not fun and you're really not that pretty. Don't worry Noro. There's a time and a place for us. Somehow, someday, somewhere... (whilst bellowing Somewhere from West Side Story).


Gracie said...

Hooray for a quiet house! Presently, in my apt, are two men talking/arguing about football. ESPN always seems to be on at my house when DH is home. But, have no fear, there is still football on tonight. But, this time it is Auburn football so that is good!!

I am so so so excited (and slightly green with envy and I don't even spin yet, but I can be jealous just the same!) for you and your new wheel that is yet to come and live at your house! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Anonymous said...

Tanya, I'm so envious that you get to spend the day with Barbara! She's lovely, and you'll love spinning with her. I'm looking forward to reading your report of the adventure.


Anonymous said...

Can you really and truly steam the yarn on the kniddy knoddy to set the twist after spinning/plying? I'd love to know this was so - as I've been waiting the long, slow wait of drying things weighted on the shower rod...

:-) Lovely yarn, btw.

Best regards,

Sandysknitting said...

Hi Tanya! I hope you enjoyed your quiet time! there is nothing more soothing to the soul, is there?
Now, about the latvian are DREAMING about them? Good. I"m not alone! ;)
Don't worry about the throwing method. Of course, this is coming from someone who just jumps in feet first, never stopping to think out all the details...but just do it! I don't have a "method". I just knit. With 2 colors. Trying like the dickens not to get the yarn tangled in a ball! :)
The sky picture is wonderful! Such beauty! Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

(not anonymous...Heather)

Love that pic..totally gorgeous. The weather lately has me longing for capri pants and silly shoes...

oooh latvians...can't wait to see...don't have the patience for that...but will love to watch you work!

Sorry to hear about the injury to your spindle!

silence is golden!
I had some of that last evening at like 1am! not even the tv was on...just the rustle of me poking through my stash.

x/o h

Lauren said...

Tanya, thanks for the words about spinning... I really can see myself getting addicted to it as well as knitting. I just need to get better at it :)

Lovely picture--thanks for sharing that with us.

Goodbye Noro--

La said...

Wow, that is so thoughtful of you to handspin some purple merino silk for me! But seriously, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see what you knit that into!

Amanda said...

Stephanie over at the Yarn Harlot has me all wondering about Latvian mittens!! Maybe when I muster up enough moxie, I'll try them out. I hope you get to start a pair soon--let us know how it goes!

Amanda said...

Stephanie over at the Yarn Harlot has me all wondering about Latvian mittens!! Maybe when I muster up enough moxie, I'll try them out. I hope you get to start a pair soon--let us know how it goes!

La said...

Wow! Can you tell that I really like my exclamation points???!?!?