Friday, February 04, 2005

Tomorrow is another day...

Well, my computer isn't dead but its certainly on life support. I'm going to have to get IS to reload windows which means I'll have to reinstall of the programs that are currently installed on my computer. Am I bitter or grumpy? No, of course not, I'm 100% certifiable super bitch, that's all. *Sigh* I'm reminded that tomorrow is another day. I'll pray that I live to see it and that it doesn't start like last Saturday (with a dead guinea pig placed only inches from my face at 7 am).

So those of you mumbling to me right now "it could be worse", yes, it could and is. I awoke at 1 am with a wonderful case of Montezuma's revenge courtesy of a local Mexican restaurant chimichanga. Yup, today is a craptacular end to the week. Goodbye first week of February. I will NOT miss you.

I'm blogging today from the worlds oldest computer since my laptop will barely come on now. I'm starting to wonder if this is an evil plot staged by the boys in hopes that we'll buy them a new computer. DH has given me carte blanc to buy whatever I want. Lots of HD space, huge monitor, a new digital camera, snazzy printer - a techie gurl's dream! I'm so tempted. Anyhoo, I hope to get my baby back soon since I sprout gray hairs everytime I try to visit any of my buddy'd blogs. Plus, I can't even think of uploading photos with out crashing the computer.

Okay, enough of the pity party, right? Thanks for the sweet sentiments regarding Newt. We're doing better now and she'll always have a special place in our hearts. Thing 2 is begging for another GP and I'm so tempted to comply. The other GP affectionately named "Booger" is very lonesome and we don't want her to die of a broken heart. DH thinks I'm crazy and maybe he's right.

While the spinning front stalled this week, I'm looking forward to my spinning activities next week. The librarian finally set a date for the beginnings of our spinning group - Thursday, Feb. 10th! Yippie! I can't wait. I won't have to be lonesome in my addiction anymore.

The knitting front has been wonderfully busy with small instant gratification projects. I finished the felted bag that's destined for the Fat Tuesday auction next week. It started as a comissioned french market tote (the woman never returned my call) and then morphed into a handbag. It's knit from my favorite yarn - Cascade 220 - with a black base, tan body and brown/black/tan Manos top and handles. I added a pocket and needle felted a sheepie on it. For fun, I made a matching key fob. It's one of my favorite bags so far. This auction is sort of my community debut. I'm so excited! Over 300 people attended last year so I should get some good exposure. I also knit the Corgigora yarn into a pretty flower pin as my display piece for a second auction entry. I'm auctioning off the opportunity to spin someone's pet's fur into yarn. I'm very interested to see if people like the idea. Finally, I finished the gift exchange felted strawberries sachets by filling them with lavendar flowers. They are MIGHTY fragrant but too damn cute for words. I'm going to put them in an actual produce container to give the full effect. I hope the gift recipient likes them.

No snow forecast for the weekend so we should be able to get out and about for the first time in a while. I'm going to work on my attitude before I blog again. Oh, by the way, I am still tracking my weight loss. I'm down 5 pounds total since the beginning of the year and I've spent $20 on yarn and fiber (so there's $30 in the till for those weak moments I may have in the future). AND, I've done some stash bustin' so I'm behaving myself. Catch ya later...


Amie said...

Crazy though it may be, you really should get another - maybe this one could be Snot? As in "is that Booger? No, it's Snot" But you'd hate to have a broken GP heart...

Anonymous said...

Oh man what a week you've had!
Hang in there with the computer hassles. Soon it will be all better!
My worst dead animal early in the morning story has got to have been the day I woke up because I could feel my cat sitting on my chest.... he was holding his 'gift' to me in his mouth... a little dead bird. The bird was maybe all of 4 inches away from my nose.
Big hugs to you.
May next week be better!

Nancy said...

Not that I'm saying you should or shouldn't get another GP, but when I was a kid we had gerbils. After the one died, the other was listless until she also passed away a couple of weeks later. My parents insisted it was time for them both to go, but me and my brother insisted it was from a broken heart.

Not that I'm saying should get one or anything...

Gracie said...

I think another GP is definately in your future. We got our's (Lynard) a friend and he is so much happier. Of course, we found out that Hendrix was a girl and they are separated but they can still see eachother until one of them can get spayed/neutered.

Good luck at the auction!!

I can't wait to see pics of the cute little strawberries!

Kimberly said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Sorry about your computer, your illness and the GP.

Congrats on the weight loss!