Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Drive by blog post

Yes, things are still on the fly here at the house that IM built. I'm hanging in there though only by the tips of my nails. Here's quickie on how last week went:

*** Trip to NC was good. It was nice to have some me time. I was in workshops all day and businesses dinners and lunches but the evenings were all mine. I spun and knit my life away. Right before I left. The library got Knitting in Estonia in for me. Yes, that meant LATVIAN MITTENS - oh happy day! I did a test knit mini mitten with the tiny bit of borderline sportweight yarn I had in my stash and hated the results. Alas, it was too thick. So I have two choices: buy some sportweight yarn or spin some. Decisions, decisions. I can say that I love making those braids. I knit and reknit one several times just to have the satisfaction of seeing it develop. Thanks for helping me catch the bug, Sandy :)

*** Internet access in NC was not to be had in my hotel room as planned. Thus, no blogging and no blog reading :( So I spun up some merino and shetland and plied it into a barbershop pole colored skein. It looks too cool. I bought some cashgora locks and soysilk from the spinning place in Greensboro. The shop - which will remain nameless to protect the innocent - was "eh". The cashgora is a dream to spin with and was a steal at only $6 for 4 oz. The soysilk - lets just say that I have to practice more before I try this one again.

*** Dear sweet Thing 1 and a couple of his testosterone blind buddies singlehandedly toasted my computer on Friday in just 30 minutes. It has tons o' spyware and at least one trojan on it. I couldn't get it to work very well until today. A friend of mine is going to clean the drive up for me tonight. Pray that my computer comes back to me in one piece. If it doesn't my name is mud.

*** Tragedy struck on Saturday when we awoke to find one of our sweet guinea pigs - Newt - didn't make it through the night. She was out of her cage (a big no-no) with Thing 2 and crawled into his pillow to sleep. We think she smothered. We're better now but Sat. and Sun. were rough. Lots of talk about the great beyond, theology and a higher power. And of course, lots of tears. Thing 2 asked me to spin some of her fur into a keepsake for him. I started last night and hope to have something to show for it soon.

I have lots of photos to share but can't do anything complicated like upload them with this testy computer until it gets cleaned up. I've completed a couple of charity knits and other misc. objects. I've missed catching up with my buds and look forward to some blogging this weekend if not before then.



Rossana said...

Welcome home! I'm sorry to hear Newt has passed into another world. I hope your computer doesn't follow that same path. Meanwhile, can't wait to see your new spinning!

Amy Boogie said...

Sorry to hear about Newt. May she rest in piece. Computers; A similar thing has been happening to a couple of people. It's a B*tch to get rid of but I'm sure it can be done. The spyware is getting sneakier and hitching rides with regular websites.

Take care and I hope you get more time to relax.

Lauren said...

Oh I remember the day when death was explained to me... after the passing of my little Thumper rabbit. Sorry to hear about Newt. What a sweet little tribute to spin some of her fur... *tear*

Latvian Mittens sounds wonderful!

Hope your computer keeps going--that spyware is nasty. Good luck.

Heather said...

RIP Newt. Very cool that you are making a keepsake.

We had the same talk with Pixie when my cockatiel passed a couple years ago...and then again when the hamsters went to the great beyond.

Glad to hear you got some me time in...that is a necessity when you are a mother!


Amie said...

Poor Newt! But how lovely that now you can make that little tribute!

Gracie said...

Poor Newt. I hope Thing 2 is doing better.

I can't wait to see all the pics. Don't you just love it when computers decide they can hate you?