Thursday, March 24, 2005

Panic Attack

I found myself wanting to breathe into a felted tote bag today to try to calm down a bit. I get this way before we leave for vacations. There's always so much to do and I lull myself into believing that I have plenty of time to do everything and then suddenly *WHAP* - the end of the week arrives and my milelong check list has received very little attention (now how's that for a run on sentence?). Now the house/pet sitter is really sick and I'm worried about leaving Mavi and the guinea girls.

Most importantly, I've been agonizing over what to take with me to knit on (cause we KNOW how important that is on a vacation). Ideally, I'd have an entire bag full of knitting but I need to be more rational. I may take the DH vest just to be done with it and MAYBE Rogue.

I'm 2/3 finished with Kyoto (this is a quick knit) but really am pushing to finish it before I leave so I have something fun to wear on the trip. I based my modifications on this pattern from the Queensland Collection.

Image hosted by

Here's a sneek peek of her before I finished the sash last night.

Image hosted by
Whadda ya think? Is it a keeper or should it head off to the frog pond? I'm still debating.

I'm also leaning toward knitting Tempting on the plane but wonder if I'll get bored (its just ribbing in the round). I found some great yarn in my stash (I've been stash busting like a MoFo) and would like to give it a try. But I'm drawing a blank on whatelse to bring. I got tons of knitting done last Spring Break. I need more projects! I need suggestions. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! Please help me. Please...

I received a lovely RAOK (a Chocolat notepad) from Susan yesterday. She was so sweet to congratulate us on our anniversary :) Thanks for the RAOK and reading my blog, Susan. I'm going to enjoy using this notepad since chocolate is one of my favorite things :) Susan's working on a Klaralund in the most beautiful colorway. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

For those of you wondering what happened to Zira's Knitterviews, I've kinda put them on the back burner. It seems like blogland is awash with people responding to the interview questions that Domestigirl started. There are so many interviews flying around these days that I don't need to pile on. I'll still do it but just not right now. I do have a related super secret monkey project that will start in April that everyone can get involved with. More details in a couple of weeks. I think its going to be lots of fun.

I'll miss ya'll next week and will post if I can access the internet. I'm praying for lots of sunshine, good food and fun. Curli-for-nia, here we come!


Rossana said...

Have a great trip, Tanya!

Lauren said...

Well, like I said on the Yahoo Group, I really like this design you are working on. Very cool :)

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Tempting is on my list too... I actually cast on for it, frogged, and cast on again... I am not so good at ribbing :P

Have a nice time! :)

Amy Boogie said...

I'm leaving for vacation the end of April and I'm already agonizing over what to bring to knit. Have a great time and soak up lots of that sun!

Heather said...

Hey T...don't sweat looks mahvelous dahling...simply mahvelous!

I can't wait to see it modeled!!!

Love tempting..very chic

Susan said...

You are welcome and am glad that you like the notepad.

I hope you don't mind but I tagged you. You can seee the post at

Have a GREAT trip!!!! ENJOY!!!