Friday, April 22, 2005

Deadline Extended and Pretty In Pink

Okay, I'm not feeling the clothing love so either you want me to be a nekked monkey forever or Blogger's comments are giving you trouble. I prefer to believe that its Blogger's fault since how could you not love me? So, I'm going to extend the clothing idea deadline to 5 pm Sunday, April 24th and accept emailed suggestions too (just send them to indigomuseatverizondotnet. It's not that I don't love the ideas that I've gotten so far but a monkey should have lots of options, right?

Since hostage taking really isn't my "thing", I will tease you with some pictures of handspun yarn that Indigomuse has been playing with this week.
This is a sample skein and swatch of some orange and pink merino silk...
Image hosted by Image hosted by

She's also spinning some fushia merino/silk. This beautiful stuff is destined for the fabulous Ms. H (who finished her Rogue this week. Now if IM would jump on the finished Rogue bandwagon). This roving is sooo scrumptious that I HAD to play in it. Don't you wish you could do this?

Image hosted by

IM says that its like "butta" to spin. Here's a close up of the plied sample she made.

Image hosted by

It looks good enough to eat!

And since we've been talking about me this week, I thought I might show you a picture of the most recent object of my affection.

Image hosted by

His name is Hugh Mongous. I've been smitten with him since we first met last weekend in Virginia Beach. Isn't he a hunk? ((((Sigh)))) Have a great weekend and please send me clothes ideas. The weather is going to be a bit nipply this weekend.


Zira Monotito


Heather said...

Zira...I think that you and Hugh make a great couple...and that roving/yarn is soooooo beautiful. I think I will make it my background on my laptop...

Tell IM to have a wonderful weekend...and to stage a coup. :)

Renee said...

Zira, I think you need a little intarsia muumuu with flowers, a pair of flip flops, sunglasses and a floppy hat. That evil UV can wreak havoc on a monkey's complexion...

jenifleur said...

I'm going to go with pink mini skirt, baby uggs and a boob tube knit with something shiny!