Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nekkid monkeys and such

Dear Knit Bloggin' Chicas,

I don't have to be nekkid anymore (that's how people say naked around here. Okay not everyone but quite a few do). Judging by the lack of ideas either a.) no one cares if I have clothes or not or b.)no one reads IndigoMuse's blog. No matter. I loved the ideas that were submitted. However, the one that got me the most excited and the winner of the contest was from none other than Jen over at JenLa. I'm thinking a lovely tube top in black to go with a smokin' hot pink mini skirt (I'm planning to steal some of that pink stuff that IM is spinning for Heaz - mwha haha haha) and since my feet look kinda like Ugg boots anyway, I'm just going to get IM to whip up some small, fluffy ankle warmers. I will be stylin'. I can't wait to model for you, that is if anyone even cares. Hello, is anybody there? Jen, IM asked me to tell you to email her your snail mail address so that she can send you the felted monkey finger puppet and other goodies. You chicas wait until you see how the puppet turned out. You will be wishing that you'd sent me some great clothing ideas after all.

Things have been quiet around here. IM has been out of town a lot for work and has a special event coming up (something with strawberries, I forget) that's taking up her time. She's still spinning that pink stuff but hasn't had much time to work on it. She's also trying to buy some Cotswold, Corriedale and Shetland fleece on Ebay but someone keeps outbidding her. Anyone have a good source for fleeces? She's dying to get her hands on some raw fleece (I don't know why) and isn't having much luck. Not much knitting either except on that Tempting that never seems to grow no matter how long she works on it. I think she will be knitting it forever at this rate.

I have un grande surprise for all of you tomorrow so be sure to stop by. Let's just say that it involves the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and postage stamps.

Hasta Manana...



Rossana said...

Please say the grand surprise is that you will both be at MSW!!!

Heather said...

Hello dearest...I love the idea for your new ensemble! nekkid is definately how people say it here! Thank goodness..I bet it's been drafty!
Pink is always fly...especially for beautiful Zira!

Lauren said...

Zira, you are a cute little nekkid monkey, but this hot number you are planning to wear will be great!