Friday, July 22, 2005

Fantastic Foto Friday

Oh yeah, I've got some fotos for you. First, here's a shot of the first skein of flurfy spun Finn with the mermaid lady. She's the equivalent of the leg lamp (from A Christmas Story) in my house. Since we moved, she's been banished to the boys bathroom.

Next here's mermaid lady with a '04 UFO that I begrudgingly finished last week - the dreaded Eros triangle scarf. That crap is on my never again list.

Mermaid lady looks much better in it than I do. This photo proves to me that I am NOT a shawl/stole girl. But then again, my grandma who's 85 won't wear them either :)

I also went to great lengths and risked showing too much boobalage to give you a shot of the corset.

Ignore the remnants of Eros that I used to slip stitch the front together so that I wouldn't flash ya. I'm using a nubbly yarn so it doesn't have the crispness of stitch that the original does. I think I'm going to make another one using one of the KnitPicks blends. I love how this is turning out even if it is a bit unique.

Finally, I can announce that Zira's tour has begun. She's winging her way to Froggie Meanie who is vacationing in Newfoundland. Froggie's home is Ontario. She's been knitting/crocheting for 10 years and is recently into felting and sock knitting. She finds time to do all of this while on maternity leave. I know that I'm impressed. I can't wait to see what Zira gets into while in Canada. I've never visited but it sounds like a diverse and culture rich country. Click here for Zira's travelblog. There's nothing there yet but I'll be updating with info over the weekend and in the coming weeks.

To keep me company while Zira is away, I'm knitting some new monkey buds. This is little Caramel who's nestled in with my angel collection (they live on my jacuzzi tub so that Thing 1 and 2 don't break them). He still needs a mouth but is a cutie inspite of it.

I caught a glimpse today (thanks to Thing 1) of the MTV show the 70's house. This show is too damn funny. They take these kids from 2005 and force them to function in the 70s. No cell phones, no 2000's speak, no groovy clothes - its all 70s all the time. And if they play the hustle over the house intercom, you have to stop what you're doing and dance. I love it! Its so funny to revisit such an important era from my youth. If you get a chance, catch it. You'll laugh your ass off. Have a groovy weekend!


Esther said...

Love the top - beautiful

Amy Boogie said...

oooh lala - pretty corset top!

Renee said...

We're anxiously awaiting Zira's arrival. I hope she gets here on Monday. I'm gonna show her such a good time she'll be anxious for the nap in the box en route to her next stop!

Heather said...

you make me laugh with the leg lamp...oh holy crap in a can I made jenna jump! ahahah.

lovely, lovely, lovely very pretty !


Wanda said...

The corset is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it finished.

Lauren said...

That corset is sex-ay, Tanya girl! woohoo :) Love the yarn you are using too. The new little mouthless monkey is mighty cute too.

Hope you have a good weekend~

Christina said...

Love how the corset looks. Ican't wait to start one myself.

I'm going to have to check out that show, sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Tanya, you look great in both the corset AND the shawl!


Eilene said...

1. I LOVE the corset top! I want to make that.
2. I have that exact statue in my family room. That is too weird. Rick picked it out at the Antique show in Atlantic City about 6 years ago. I love it!
3. I am so proud of you for letting us see your beautiful is beautiful you know! ;-)
4. I'm glad you are happier. Sometimes it does take the bad times to appreciate the good things & what we do have that is positive in ouw life!!! :-)

Tanyanikan Skyknitter said...

Hi there! I'm new to your site..Froggie is my cousin and she sent word that Zira had arrived at her home yesterday. Everyone was very excited. I think sending her on a world trip is a wonderful idea. Just wanted to comment on how sweet I think she is and agree with others that you should sell that pattern. She's wonderful.
Have a wonderful day.
Tanya Aka...Tanyanikan Skyknitter

Sahara said...

Girlfriend, that corset looks fab on you. I wanted to make one, but I didn't think the shoulders would stay up. Does it feel secure? It looks it.

Can't wait till it's finished. Great work.

Anonymous said...

your knitting is lovely! I watched the 70s show with my 13 yr. old--I grew up in the 70s so I told her it waas no big deal--she rolled her eyes


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