Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Beacherific Weekend

Well Mother Nature pulled out the stops over the weekend. Sure it was H.O.T. The kinda hot that will fry the bottoms of your feet if you walk on the sand without sandals. But on the oceanfront, the water and the breeze made for the perfect weather. I took refuge under the umbrella part of the time snapping shots of the Things because a.) I'm trying to keep my cocoa puffiness in check b.) like a dumbass I left my swimsuit (and curling iron, makeup, contacts, comb) at home c.) I hate body gravy - ewwwww.

This is a shot from the beach of the shoreline. The houses are built right on the dunes so the view is gorgeous year round.

King Thing and the boys frolic in the Bay...

*** Since Blogger images take so long to upload (it really does suck), I'll show you a few shots at a time over the next few days. Otherwise, we'd be here FOREVER. I have the cutest shots of the piggies swimming with Thing 1 and 2 in the Bay.

I did get to Ewe Knit Kits though I had the testosterone trio in tow. So instead of spending a couple of hours visiting with Bobbie and her wonderful staff like I usually do, I did a drive by fondling of yarn and emerged with only one skein (albeit a beautiful variety of turquoises) of Manos. However, we'll be back for a week at Labor Day and they've invited me to their knit-in on September 1st.

Cantaloupe also got in on the beach action. This is a shot of the two of us hiding in the shade.

Many thanks for all of the sweet compliments on her. The only good thing about knitting with this cotton is that its not too sticky when its hot. Otherwise, this stuff is quite a pain in the arse. There's no give at all. In this picture, I've finished the ribbing and just started the lace armhole decreases and the back pattern. As of today, I'm almost finished with the entire back. Those little elongated stitches while very cute are very time consuming. There are a bazillion of them on the upper back now. I still love how this knit is turning out inspite of my gripping.

While my poor corset is sulking in a corner, Jen debuted hers today. I LOVE how it turned out and her tip about adding the ribbon to the button band will definitely help me when I get to that point.

In other news, Zira met some celebrities this week at Stitches Midwest. She hammed it up for the camera with the lovely and talented Nancy Bush and Bonne "ChicKnits" Marie. From the looks of it, Amanda really showed her a good time. From here, Ms. Z is headed to New York to meet up with Moze for a trip to Israel. A lot is going on in that part of the country right now. I suspect that Zira will dabble in some politics before her visit has ended.

I'll leave you with an ethereal picture of the sky I took while at the beach. It was truly inspirational. More photos tomorrow.


jenifleur said...

Aaahhhhhh! That looks like a wonderful and relaxing trip. I so envy you!

P.S. Can't wait to show Zira around the new farm!

Amy Boogie said...

The beach seems so nice. And a perfect place to be knitting on your cantaloupe.

Zira has far more adventures than I do, I'm jealous :)

Heather said...

ahhh. I love the thought of little piggies swimming in the bay...too cute!

Cotton is awesome for summer knits...but I still loooove wool. Not so hard on the hands.

Zira! I've been watching her travels...I've still got spacey pics of her...I should send them to you!

Miss you...and we should chat via the telly this weekend!

Lauren said...

Hi sweet Tanya! Looks like a great time at the beach! I love the shots of your DH and the boys in the water (and your foot and knitting in the sand!) That cantaloupe color is very pretty ;)

I have to say, I am pretty damn jealous of Zira and her travels. I just loved my trip to Israel, and I know that Moze will show her a good time!

Take care, T!

Becky said...

Aaahhhh, the beach! Lucky you :-)

Sedie said...

So beautiful!

Sandysknitting said...

Oh, Tanya! That sky picture IS gorgeous! It's those things that make me feel calm. And centered. And lucky! :)
But those guinea pigs that were swimming??!!! THAT IS A SCREAM! A regular hoot!
Made me smile!
(BTW: Bethany used to call guinea pigs, "Skinny pigs". hee!)