Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sew what?

Shhhhh. Can you keep a secret? Of course you can. Come closer so I can whisper in your ear because if the knitting police get wind of this, they'll revoke my license. I've. Been. Sewing. Shhhhhhhhh. I've been trying to resist the siren's call for ages. I haven't sewn anything major in almost 15 years. I even learned how to walk through JoAnns and only buy buttons and notions. But after all of those years of rehab, I. Fell. Hard.

I blame Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner for their deliciously beautiful fabrics. And Chef Messy for introducing these to me several months ago. And Amy Butler for coming out with her Rowan Sweet Life Bags

especially this one, the Ashbury

And I blame my Grandma for teaching me to sew at age 4. And I blame these cute books for luring me into plushie toys. And I blame these owls

And these cute baby shoes

Yeah, I know my lack of willpower is to blame but I can at least pretend to put it on someone else. I need to stage a photo shoot of all of the above patterns that have been sewn over the last couple of weeks. In the meantime, here's a quick shot of the monster I'm making my nephew...

I'll post about him another time because he's a special feature I want to show you.

Peeps, sewing is near instant gratification. And I love instant gratification. If it wasn't sew darn (ha ha - I crack myself up) painful - ouch, needle pricks hurt, ALOT - I'd go back to the darkside big time.

Yes, I have been knitting as some of you who have seen me in person can attest to. Here's a quick pic of what came off my needles a week or so ago...

Baby Pinwheel Jacket

More details on the mods are on Ravelry. I'll try to copy them over here in the near future.
Baby Pinwheel Jacket

Front of Baby Pinwheel Jacket

Back of Baby Pinwheel Jacket

Pretend all of those unwoven ends are gone and its sorta a FO. Me no likey weaving in ends. And I finished some Saartje Booties but haven't posted pictures yet. No bun in the oven at la casita de Muse. Just lots of new babies from friend's ovens.

I'm slammed these days with a grant from work, new school routine with the Things, a book submission and some patterns I want to post soon so I'll be around sporadically. But I've been reading your blogs and try to comment when time permits. Wishing many happy fiber adventures to everyone.


Robin said...

AWESOME!! Sewing IS so much fun.

KnitNana said...

Cute sweater!

Anonymous said...


uhhh.... I'm tellinnnnnn'

you're SEW busted!


Kim said...

Hehe, so your blaming me, eh? (Those! Bags! I actually hadn't even seen those!)

And the monster--to die for!!! I just love it!

I seriously just need to stop looking at blogs. Too many projects, too little time, and WAY too little money! haha.

Nikki said...

That is such a cool sweater!! and you're only sewing to have something to put your knitting in right? (nod nod wink wink)

OH, and love the monster!!!!

Jennifer said...

How fun! I love the monster - I bet it will be loved to bits. The pinwheel sweater is adorable. It looks so funny lying flat and then suddenly transforms into something spectacular when worn. How fun! Enjoy the sewing.

emmy said...

That sweater is amazing and you make me want to pick up sewing again- well almost. I do love love those bags!!

Amy Boogie said...

That jacket is fantastic. I started a pinwheel blanket and decided to change it to a sweater, I'm just at the seperating for the arms. It's good to see what it will look like :)

Kelly said...

Guess what! Shhh... I've been sewing too! Don't fret, deary. WHen the knitting police come to haul you off in cuffs, at least you won't be alone. I'll be right there with you!

I saw that jacket on Ravelry last week & have added it to my mental "projects I covet" list. It's completely adorable! I think it will end up in my "to knit" list soon.

cate said...

Geourgeus!!! Wish I could........... catie

jody said...

oh thanks a LOT. I swore off sewinga few years ago b/c it and i got into a little (BIG) tiff when i did it as a side business and now i have downloaded the pattern for those baby shoes and am on the way to the fabric stash to pick somthing out. you enabler!! and that pinwheel jacket is AMAZING!!!!

Mary said...

Man, that pinwheel jacket is adorable! I couldn't figure out where the head went -- thank God for the teddy bear model!

an_dreoilin said...

Lol! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hates finishing things! I currently have 3 (yes three) baby cardis that are waiting to be seamed. I have promised myself that I won't start anything else until I've finished them. So, here I am cruising knitting blogs instead:P I really do need to get to them though; little belly girl is due in 2 weeks and her cardis better be ready!

Mary Jane said...

baby pinwheel jacket is beautiful! looks like fun to knit too.

I blame those owls big time.

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