Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Fibery Goodness

Flashing ya some pictures on the fly. I've been on the road quite a bit for both business and pleasure. Attended yet another wonderful, rain-free Maryland Sheep and Wool. Bought some hand cards, ordered a Robins custom wheel (3 yr waiting list so no photos yet), a Woodstock WPI tool (it was his final show before retiring), some yak/merino and yak/silk and BFL from The Fold (sorry not a STR fan so none here) and scored this gorgeous fleece from Rupperts Corriedales (which happened to have a couple of the prize winning fleeces in the show this year).

Rupperts Corriedales Fleece MS&W 08

4.8 lb. Fleece (It's so clean, it brings a tear to your eye)

Rupperts Corriedales MS&W 08

Close up of its crimpy goodness...

Spinning Rupperts Corriedale Fleece

Spinning it up into yarn...

After starting her over a year ago, I finished Sahara just in time to wear her to church for Mother's Day with MacGyver (Mom) and Ebayman (Dad)

IM, Sahara and Mom

The Rents, IM and Sahara

Cast on for the Swirl Shawl that was also purchased at Sheeps this year...

IM Swirlie Shawl

Busting the stash of some Malabrigo laceweight in the color Brisa (yummy stuff)

Praying hard for those suffering from natural disasters in Myanmar, China, the many tornados that continue to ravage the US (Virginia has been hit many times over the last couple of weeks) and our local knitting friend, Rae, who lost her home and beloved kitty in a fire last week.


Robin said...

Hey! GREAT pics! (Hi Mom & Dad!)

Somehow I KNEW you would be doing the Swirl Shawl...saw it at On The Lamb this weekend, thought of YOU immediately!

Bess said...

Wow - that is one beautiful sweater!

KnitNana said...

You are the spitting image of your Mom!
Good looking family there...and I just love that shawl!

Keowdie said...

Oooo, pretty! That shawl is awesome!

I'm glad to hear you had fnu at sheeps... I'll definitely be there next year!

Anonymous said...

I still can feel how yummy that stuff is!

Finished my shawl...with all the millends! woot!

xo miss you terribly!

sahara said...

Wow! Your top looks fantastic, and what a family resemblance!

I'm loving the swirl shawl; can't wait to see it finished!