Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Purple Nurple yarn

Remember this "Purple Nurple" yak/merino roving that I dyed a week or so ago?

Custom Dyed Yak Merino Roving

Well it's all spun up, navajo plyed and made into yarn, a gift for my friend CM's birthday.

Purple Nurple predrafted roving

Purple Nurple singles

Purple Nurple navajo plyed yarn

Close up of Purple Nurple yarn

This yak/merino is yummy stuff to spin. I hope she likes it. If not, I'll gladly take it back - LOL!

Unfortunately, the temps have dropped so I have no excuse (other than being down with a flu-like cold over the last few days) not to cast on for the rest of Walk in the Woods.

Tell me, what are YOU knitting now-a-days?


KnitNana said...

Ohh!! Pretty purple!!!
What am I knitting...socks and Star of Evening Shawl, and Knotty Gloves...

Robin said...

Beautiful shade! I'm knitting socks, bowls to felt, a vest, and have tons of WIPs waiting in the wings!

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