Friday, January 23, 2009

A bit of a funk

I've been called out for not posting in a while. Frankly, due to the lack of comments, I wasn't sure anyone even read my blog so I've wondered if I should even bother. I've been in a bit of an anti-technology funk these days. I've read few if any blogs since Christmas, haven't logged into Ravelry in ages and barely read the news but once or twice a day. I think it has been hard to stay plugged in because bad news abounds. I've retreated from it all in an effort not to get so horribly depressed. I'm of the mindset that I AM my brother's keeper and I feel so helpless to do something for my fellow (wo)man get through these tough times.

I have been knitting and spinning but have had a problem finishing anything of substance. My energies have been focused on reclaiming my house during these winter doldrums. I've succeeded in cleaning the entire main floor from top to bottom and hope to begin to tackle the upstairs in the coming weeks. My crafty room needs lots of work but I hope that I'll find my mojo when I attack that space. So many hidden treasures to unearth.

Since I posted last, we've celebrated several birthdays and events, the most notable being Thing 1's 16th. My boy will fly the coop in a couple of years and I can barely believe he's not a little smiling chub, toddling around our first home. I still have my job but several of my colleagues have recently lost theirs :( My brother is coming home this week after having spent three long years activated with his Army reserve unit. He still has 17 months before he retires. I pray that they don't get activated again during that timeframe.

I promise to post pictures as soon as I take some. What are you up to these days? Do tell :)


Pam! said...

sounds like the winter doldrums have taken hold! Although, reclaiming your home is a good thing and one I need to concentrate on more.
I don't even want to think about WeeOne turning 16 ... it's just too scary. heh heh

Robin said...

YOU KNOW I'M HERE!!! I always wait for a post (email or phone call) from you!! I know what you mean about the winter doldrums, hey, I actually reorganized & rearranged my fiber/sewing room.

WOW...16 years old! Happy Belated B-day #1!

Nikki said...

I'm here :) but I can't say anything to anyone about not blogging!

I'm glad you're doing ok... {{{T}}}

Keowdie said...

I always read your posts!

Sounds like you've got a little cabin fever! I've recently gone through the same exercise in an attempt to chase off my winter blues.

Happy Birthday to all who recently celebrates! (I can't believe you've got a 16 year old!!!)

Brooke M. said...

I'm here too. And I get you with the winter funk. I'm there too, but my Malabrigo is getting me through.

KnitNana said...

I still check in with you! (sometimes late, I know, but I do!)
I know how you feel. It's a hard time right now, and we all have to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves on even keel emotionally.

Renee said...

I always read too. I don't comment on any blogs like I used to - getting enough computer time to post on my own blog is challenging these days.

Sounds like you have a nasty case of the blahs. I recognize 'em cause I have 'em too. A little bit of spring would be good about now!

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