Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Teenagers in the house

Another major milestone in the Muse house. Thing 2 turned 13 on Monday.

Thing 2 celebrating his 13th with the piggie

Its so weird to think that my boys are developing into young men.

Thing 1 and 2 and the Piggie

The Things celebrate Thing 2s 13th Bday.jpg

There's alot of nekkidness around the house in the summer so sorry for the bare bods. I'm the only chick in the house besides the Piggie (who's in the picture with the Things) so I don't have much say in the matter. I should have taken a picture of them when they both looked so very nice in their polo shirts before we headed to lunch with King Thing. And don't ask me what's up with that hat and Thing 1. King Thing bought it for him after a trip to Canada last year and he's taken to wearing it every night this summer while he plays on the 360. It has a big Maple leaf on the side. What strange kids we have.

I'm still recovering from some sorta flu/virus. I got it thanks to a colleague who sneezed on me during a conference I attended last week. Nice, huh? I hope it was H1N1 because I hear that once you've had it, you can't get it again. I really don't want to be this sick again anytime soon. I say all of that so that you know why I look so hazy in this picture with my boy.

Sick mom with the birthday boy.jpg

It was all I could do to make his birthday cake without ruining it. BTW, it was a very cool and uber yummy recipe from Hershey Kitchens "Especially Dark Chocolate Cake". You add boiling water to the concoction before you plop it into the oven, go figure. Twas a hit with all of the boys so I won't doubt the process. I iced it with my special buttercream icing that included almost a pound of local Homestead Creamery butter - YUM!!!

Thanks for all of your kind words and words of encouragement. I truly draw strength from them :)

And yes, I'm still knitting though not much since I've been both out of town and sick. I'm working on the Mandarin Collared Tank and am in the home stretch. Let's hope I look good in it.


Robin said...

Happy Birthday Thing 2!!! I still want to call him Leif...

Hope you are getting over this virus--I MISS YOU!!!

Your boys are nekkid and the word verification is..."bodist"!

Heather said...

happy belated Thing 2!