Friday, January 15, 2010

New addition to our family in February

First of all, I'm not pregnant. 40 and pregnant would not be funny especially when the boys are this close to graduating and starting their own lives. That would NOT be funny at all.

Instead, we're adding a sweet little fluffybutt to our family in February. Another Corgi girl...

Our Fluffy Girl - full face pic Fluffy girls Our Fluffy Girl Corgi Pups

We're pretty excited and can't wait to hear barking round these parts again. Its been a little over two years since sweet Mavis left us and we're finally ready for another furry friend. The countdown has begun.

BTW, local peeps: Anyone use a vet in Salem? Not sure I can go back Mavis' vet because of the memories. Might need to suck it up though because they were/are very kind, pet loving people.

I'm still alive though I don't blog much. I don't get many comments or clicks from the blog so I'm not sure anyone reads it anymore. If you want to keep up with what I'm doing daily, look me up on Twitter - theindigomuse . If you haven't already joined Indigomuse's Fiber Workshop, stop by for a visit and register today. January's online knitting workshop offerings and registration information is on the front page.

I've done a bit of spinning, loads of knitting and a bunch of designing. Here are a few of projects that have come off the needles recently...

Drop Stitch Mitts #7 Side view of unfelted Mr. Popper St. Lucia Cheeky Little Monkey Baby fishtail scarf and sweet baby cap Finished yarn - handspun gradient carded singles First handknit of 2010 - Wicked Quack Handspun Leafprints mitts Second batch of black bean dyed fibers

If you click on the pictures, you'll get more details. I'm not even going to whinge about family, reminisce about the holidays and gab about much of anything self indulgent because I'd rather the energy be positively focused on the people of Haiti. The Yarn Harlot is sending up the knit signal and calling knitters to give again. Anything you can give is appreciated. Together, we can make a difference. Kiss your loved ones and tell your friends and family you love them. Today is all we have. Tomorrow is promised to no one. (((hugs)))


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Great photos of your new baby. Are you sure you want barking? ;) Now I need to go stalk your Ravelry projects page to see which pattern you used for those fingerless mitts! =:8

Jackie said...

Soooo cute! Can't wait to see puppy-growing-up pics. :)

KnitchPearls said...

Awwrgh!! Puppy snorgles! Have you decided on a name? Just too, too cute! :) <3

KnitNana said...

Yes!! I'm so excited for you - she's adorable!
I understand how you feel about not wanting the memories of the vet? But if the people are caring and good? Stay with them. You simply can't beat that, you know?

Now the knits are fabulous, and yes I still visit you, but twitter isn't my thing, so please don't stop blogging?

Sahara said...

Hey there, happy new year to you!

I'M reading your blog and I gotta' say, your work is outta' control, especially the drop stitch gloves.

Those pups are the cutest!! But, only one? She needs a sibling.

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