Monday, September 27, 2004

The Metro Crud

I've seen many of my DC/MD/NOVA blogger buddies suffer through the Metro Crud. It creeps up on you at your weakest moment and gives you a quick one-two punch. I woke up feeling slightly cruddy Sunday morning but just thought that it was a direct result of sleeping in the smoke infested hotel room (I'll save that rant for another entry but lets just say, I'm not done with Sheraton). But by the time we made it to King Street in Old Town, I was beginning to run a fever. The Crud had struck! But did that stop me from visiting Knit Happens? Could the whining of DSS #1 and #2? Could the grumbling of DH? NO!!! I still made it. I was NOT happy with the fact that they all felt the need to stay the ENTIRE time. Sure they all behaved. The boys played with their Gameboys and the lovely KH staff even presented DH with the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated (the jury's still out on whether that was a good idea or not). But I DON'T like the pressure of having people wait for me while I'm shopping. Alas, I couldn't get them to leave so I rushed and picked up a few balls of the Debbie Bliss Silk Alpaca (sooooo yummy, must have more, must roll in it, mmmmmmm) in Burgundy and Winter White for little old moi and some of the cutest Celtic buttons and hightailed it out of there with the testosterone trio in tow to the Air and Space Smithsonian. The only down side of my yarn visit is that I left Donna's number at home and couldn't connect with her AND I didn't get Heather's email until this morning with her phone numbers :( WAAAAHHHHHH! There will be another time knit buddies! Maybe I can finagle a trip up in the near future without the trio :)

Yes, don't remind me, I WAS on a yarn diet and this means that I broke my diet after being so good for 3 1/2 weeks. However, I had to chose between the food diet (I've lost 4 pounds in two weeks) and the yarn diet and the yarn diet WON! I avoided Tivoli (at the Rosslyn Metro stop) and its yummy desserts, ate only one bite of DSS #2's Key Lime ice cream from Pops and only had one slice of Mediterranean pizza with my Caesar salad from Bugsy's. AND I racked up serious activity points by walking for hours on end. I was a good girl and deserve the yarn - dammit!

On to the Top Ten Reasons to Leave Salem, VA for the weekend:

10. 7 hours of knitting Rogue's sleeves and reading the new FCEK in the car!

9. Experiencing other cultures, languages and dialects other than caucasian and african american.

8. Riding (and knitting on) the Metro instead of driving in DC/NOVA traffic.

7. Meeting the lovely Knittish at Knit Happens (she is too cute and too sweet). "HI" and I hope to get back again soon

6. Shopping at real stores and buying lots of great sweaters and fall clothes for next to nothing

5. Great restaurants and eating yummy, healthy food

4. Walking around Old Town Alexandria and shopping at 10 pm at night (I love the nightlife on King Street)

3. Spending 7 hours on the road in the Volvo (her name is Mulva from the Seinfeld episode, the Taurus is named Delores from the same episode, the Town and Country is Winston and the Vanagon is Klaus - but I digress) with two angelic little boys who behaved themselves the entire time! NOT!!! Who am I kidding? Who's idea was it NOT to drive the minivan?(I'll give you a hint, it wasnt me). At least when they're in the minivan, we can separate them. The only way that you can do so in the Volvo is by putting someone in the trunk - and ohhhhhhh, was there a time I wanted to do that.

***(Edited to include the missing #2) 2. Not even thinking about work for two days even though I was three blocks away from my national office, United Way of America!

1. Visiting and knoshing with my brother, mom and dad and nephew all day Saturday

I'm calling in sick and going back to bed now. I thought I could work from the couch but I'm getting dizzy again. I leave you all with this wondrous thought that Lauren brought to my attention this am - Yarn of the Month Club. I may hold out though and see if Marthame starts one with her yummy yarns. Have a great week!


Amanda said...

I hope you are feeling better!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend...I haven't checked out those mystery kits yet, but I may just have to do that!!

Kimberly said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Love your "Top Ten" List.

Lauren said...

Get better soon! We cannot have a sick muse :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya,
How are you feeling? Hopefully your feeling better!
WooHoo! You changed the comments being posted so that I can post now! Yes!!!

Get better NOW! :-)


Rossana said...

Ooops, was that the swimsuit edition I pointed your DH to? Yipes--didn't know that was the particular one. At any rate, your gentlemen were all perfectly behaved, but I totally understand what you mean about spending time at a LYS without the pressure of hurrying.

And we should get a dunking booth that is filled with yummy yarn instead of water. Wouldn't that be dreamy? I could be dunked in that Silk Alpaca all day long!

I had Tivoli desserts Friday and Saturday. Couldn't help myself. Chocolate mousse cake. And then a scrumptious fruit tart! There was a very strong, magnetic pull as I exited the Ballston Metro stop where there's a Tivoli pastry shop 10 steps away!( I I hear...heh heh heh!)! Mmmm!

You walked plenty. You so deserved the yarn!

Now rest up and feel better soon! Big hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I have the crud too! The Metro crud... it did creep up on me, but I got a day or two last week to prepare before it really sucker punched me on Saturday. Still not over it, but I think I'll live.
Glad you got to visit KH, even with the testosterone in tow! And I love road trips - car time = knitting time. I've never been so glad that I don't get car sick!