Friday, September 17, 2004

Rain, Rain Go Away

I'm staring at the family room wall above the fireplace, wondering when and if the wet spots will develop. The rain seems to be blowing from the opposite direction so maybe we'll be spared this time around. Thanks to Ivan, my cousin in law and his lovely knitting wife won't be coming into town :( They're forecasting 8 - 10" of rain over the weekend which is not fun to drive 8 hours round trip in. Oh well, we can't plan the weather.

Got a tad bit of knitting done on Rogue last night. DH and I spent an hour or so watching a few episodes from Volume Two of the Family Guy. I bought DH Volume One for his birthday and I had to get this one since the first was so funny. If you love Family Guy, you would love VII. Why am I telling you this? Because it was so funny that I couldn't focus on knitting Rogue, that's why. Stewie and Brian have some of the best one liners in VII. I love Stewie even more every day. AND I just found out that the show is going back into production. Can't wait :)

Well, its gonna be a weekend inside where its nice and dry. I hope to get Rogue all finished (just in time for the chilly weather we'll have next week) and maybe, just maybe, work on my knitting room. I need to go through my stash too and make plans for Christmas presents. We'll see if I actually get out of bed to do any of these things. I haven't slept in past 7 am in about a month. Have a safe, flood free weekend my knitterly pals :)

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Amie said...

I spun up the yarn for the gift I'll be sending you, and I"ve picked out a pattern... I'll possibly start knitting it this weekend, but I've got somethings I need to do for the VA Fall Fiber Fest, so I may have to put those first... But I'm thinking of you!