Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Missing in Action Muse

Wow, this is the longest that I haven't posted in months. Just a quick overview of what happened last week:
Monday - I started to really feel the effects of the crud I brought home from NoVA but overall a normal day
Tuesday - the day from Hell. The Roanoke Valley dealt with tons of rain from Jeanne and subsequent record breaking flooding (check out the photos). I couldn't get out of my neighborhood (the rivers/creeks on all three sides over ran their banks) to pick up my kids from school, once I got out late in the day, it took two hours to get back in. To top off the day, we sustained water damage on the first and second floor of the house around the fireplace. Sometime during the storm, the phones went haywire and my DSL service was suspended. It requires an act of congress to get it reactivated and so the waiting began and I was without my connection to the outside world for three days.
Wednesday - the clean up began. Roads were still difficult to navigate and several have sustained heavy damage and are crumbling. I get sick as a dog and just crash on the couch. No internet, no work and no "heavy knitting". I managed to get most of my "thrumming" for the thrum-a-long done. Thrumming is not only fun but SO cool. I must find a source for fleece (I confess that I had to use pencil roving which is a no-no but I had no choice. Please don't send the thrum police to take me away.) so that I can knit these properly. Everyone who has seen them wants a pair now (the test slippers that I knit are for DSS#2).
Thursday - Got slammed catching up with the work backlog. No knitting though I did enjoy the debate.
Friday - The crud hit me again like it had a vendetta against me. I had to rest because I had a work presentation on Friday in Richmond. In my fever filled delirium, I decided that I had to learn how to make socks. I dreamed about socks off and on all day while the fever spiked repeatedly.
Saturday - Drove through BFE Virginia (I admit that I hate I460 which is country roads, flutuating speed limits and local cops with their greedy speed traps. Gimme the interstate so that I can set cruise control and listen to the NPR or my CDs). Anyway, the workshop was poorly attended and I feel like I wasted my time. Had it not been for the fact that I was able to visit my dear friend E (the one going through a divorce), I would have cried because I was only 40 minutes from the Fall Fiber Festival and really wanted to go :( I managed to get some knitting in while gabbing with E and her sister and made some RAOK gifts.
Sunday - Zipped back across the state, did church with the fam and then knitted the entire afternoon away. I grabbed some koigu and baby angora silk from my stash, found a great sock tutorial and made my first sock. Its a baby sock made out of Koigu. I also managed to make a teeny sock too since I was so confident that I had this sock thing down. I'm so proud of myself. I've learned so many techniques in just the last 6 months (cabling, lace knitting, socks, reading complex patterns). I'll pat myself on the back since I don't have a knitting buddy to cheer with me :(
Monday and Tues - Work and a trojan computer virus grabbed me by the short and curlies and didn't let go until today.

Sorry for the long wrap up but I felt like I needed to explain my long absence. Glad to return and I'm slowly catching up with all of my blogger buddies. Sorry that I didn't post this yesterday (tuesday) but I finally figured out that the computer virus was screwing with my ability to post to Blogger.

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