Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Turn, turn, turn

The leaves are quickly turning here in my little parcel of the world. They are so beautiful. I will take and post more pictures once the sun comes out again (if anyone is listening up there, we're tired of rain and fog). I need those SAD lights in a bad way. My energy has truly been zapped by the grey monster of dreariness.

Just a titch of knitting on "Moon" last night. Here she is in all her glory (I honestly lost the camera after the birthday party).

"Moon over the Blue Ridge" Posted by Hello

I'm battling a fever and aches again (so's my itty bitty DSS Alex). I also had a Junior League meeting that sucked up my entire evening. I did manage to zip by Bath and Body Works to use my coupon for free holiday goodies. I got a tube of Vanilla Bean Noel and some mega body butter. This stuff smells good enough to eat (DH agrees). Ooooo! They also have a new line called Tutti Dolci. These all smell like some of your favorite desserts - Creme Brulee (this one is the BEST), Sugar Wafer, Angel Food Cake and Chocolate Fondue. Can you tell that I'm on a diet? Dammit, if I can't eat these goodies, I can at least smell like them :)

Welp, need to get back to work. Have a day :|


Lauren said...

Mmmm, angel food cake. I brought my camera with me today to take foliage pics all around. Moon is looking beautiful.

Heather said...

I love their I have to go by and sniff!

looking terrific on moon. beautiful

Rossana said...

Hope you feel better soon! And those yummy smells...mmmm!

Lauren said...

Amazing work on Moon! I love it! What pattern is that? I am looking for something similar for my mom's Christmas present... let me know! :)