Monday, January 24, 2005

Where's the

Remember the commercial a bazillion years ago with this famous line? I feel like just like that tiny little piece of beef that was featured on that huge bun. I've allowed myself to be swallowed whole by life again. Work and life are sucking me dry which leaves little time for blog reads, blogging and *gasp* knitting and spinning :( Fear not dear friends. I'm alive and well (though very, very cold - only 56 days until Spring) just don't have much spare time lately.

A couple of quick updates. I'm working on designing a couple of patterns (I'll show you pictures real soon). One is a felted knit monkey. I must say that she came out cuter than I expected. I used several knitting techniques and love the results. I decided that I didn't want to wait to buy the knit toy book and since I love to felt the hell out of everything, I went solo. Not only did I do some stash busting but I expanded my horizons. Hurray for me.

I also made the cutest felted strawberry sachets that I'll stuff with lavendar. They are too cute. I'm also working on a pattern idea that I pitched to Knitty for their upcoming Man issue. They liked the idea so I have to get cracking on writing it up. I'll keep you posted on my progress as I might need a couple of test knitters in the near future.

On the spinning front, I haven't had much time to play with Arwen - boo hoo. We're working on some Merino/Alpaca and then I have to spin the corgi hair for a charity project. I also signed up for a Valentines Day "Love Ewe" exchange through the Yahoo Spindler's group and already receive my gift from my wonderful pal. It was a box stuffed full of red merino and white Shetland, a cute spinning buddy beaded ant made by her 10 yr. old son and a cute heart box that will be great for holding my random knitting supplies. It was quite a surprise to receive it on Friday considering V-day isnt for another couple of weeks. This is the first giftie I've received since JessKR secret pals from the summer. Thanks Megen!

Sorry this is on the fly. I'll be in North Carolina for a conference the rest of the week so I hope to catch up on lots of things while away ALL BY MYSELF! I've missed reading up on everyone's fiber adventures for the past week. Knit a row and spin some fiber for me. (((((((Kisses))))))


Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back!!! Good to hear you didn't fall off the Earth! I know what you mean about being swallowed whole by real life... between work & family, how's a knitter supposed to find a few moments to spend alone... with her fibers???

Sandysknitting said...

A felted MONKEY???? I can't wait to see it! :)
Have fun in NC!
Glad you popped in to say hey!

Anonymous said...

Nice to read you again, Tanya! Wanna see summa that spinning now...


Heather said...

yay you are back...spinning your little heart out...and creating patterns!!

bless my stars I have missed the muse!

Rossana said...

Have a great trip! Are you going to get to eat some good NC BBQ?! I can't wait to see your felted stuffed Monkey!

Gracie said...

Have a great time in NC! I can't wait to see what you have knitted up! The felted strawberry and monkey sound so cute cute!!

Lauren said...

Hi Tanya! How exciting about the Knitty submission! Congrats! and these felted patterns you have made sounds adorable.

Have a nice time at the conference!

Take care!

Heather said...

wahh..I miss my muse.

ooo you are going to be in knitty!!! Can't wait to see!!! I knew you when...sigh.