Thursday, April 07, 2005

And now for my next trick, I will pull a rabbit out of this hat

Or so I thought. I have a confession to make, I haven't knit a stitch since Sunday. Either pms has its icy grip on me, I'm still bummed about missing my friends or I'm just a sack o'poo who needs to get professional help but I haven't felt like playing with my knitting since we got back into town. So last night I finally decided that I need to snap out of it. I scraped myself off the couch, went to my knitting bag, reached in and came out with...nothing. "Where the hell's Tempting?" I yelled at the bag which of course didn't answer me. I reached in again and it still hadn't come back yet. I began to panic. Where could she be? I checked everywhere in the house; upstairs, downstairs, the kid's rooms. I sat sulking on the couch, retracing my steps, struggling to rememember where my little project had disappeared to. After about 30 minutes, it dawned on me - I'd left it in the front seat of DH's car. Well, guess where his car is? At the airport. And guess when he gets back? Late Saturday. Damn. Double Damn. For a moment, I had a vision of some knitting fiend, peering into the window of his car, spying my project laying on the seat. "Hmmm," she might say. "A perfectly abandoned Tempting. Maybe they won't miss it." And I'll bet that he didn't lock the door either so she can just snatch it and run. All of those hours of boring K2P2 ribbing for nothing. I hope that Tempting is okay, all by herself. Triple Damn.

So, being without another cast on project, I decided to make it a perfect chick nite. I popped "Hero" into the DVD player, turned off all the lights and settled down fresh strawberries and cup of Chai tea made with sweetened condensed milk - YUM! What a great movie! The story, the colors, the composition, the action. I may watch it again tonight just because I can :)

I get to spin with some lovely local ladies tonight. I promise to take lots of photos and post them. In the meantime, here are a few vacation photos to tide you over. For Margene and Sandy, top down pictures from the plane over over New Mexico:
Image hosted by

Pictures of all of the kids together near Paris in Las Vegas (nevermind Thing 1's less than enthusiastic expression. He had fun. Its just not "cool" to smile in pictures. Whatever...)

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And a picture of Adri trying to pull Zira off of the "Giraffe sized" beer tap that we drank (actually the three of them drank it because I don't like beer) at the Monte Carlo Pub and Brewery. As you can see, it was huge and hard for three people and a monkey to finish. Good thing no one had to drive anywhere.

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Back to the grindstone. Bleh!


Heather said...

That monkey is a LUSH! You gotta watch her!

:) looks like you had a good time.

Sandysknitting said...

LOVE the sky picture! :)
Your children are beautiful. And the monkey is cute!
It's okay to take a break from knitting.
"sack'o poo" snort! Made me laugh!

Jenn said...

Oh My Goodness, your kids are so cute! Too bad about your knitting, I have enough projects on needles, I'll lend you one!

I grew up in Virginia....northern, VA. I miss it so much. I can't wait to get back there!

Lauren said...

Hey T :) The pics are great! It made me laugh about your son not smiling... that is such a boy thing... I have a hard time getting my younger brother in law to smile for pics cause he is in that stage... sigh.

Hope you have a nice weekend :)

Amy Boogie said...

Your kids are sooo cute. M sometimes has to give me her "serious" look for pictures. Kids.
I bet tempting will be just fine. If your vehicles are like mine there is bound to be some scraps of yarn or wool fluff hanging around to occupy her time.

Eilene said...

Are you better now! I hope so. :-)

Very cute pics!

Rebecca said...

looks like you had a great vacation! my son does that too - *sigh.
i'm sure your tempting will be just fine. she'll be back in your arms in no time :)