Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ISO: Fiber Pimp

I've been working hard pimping myself out over the course of the last week. In addition to trying to find a "real" job, I've been promoting my fiber arts skills in hopes that I can generate some fundage. But as Dave Chapelle says, "Pimpin' aint easy." So this fiber Ho got desperately creative and contacted our largest local pimp, Michaels. I walked in with low expectations and figured that I'd get the shaft with regard to teaching fiber related classes. Boy was I wrong. Not only was the coordinator receptive and excited that I stopped by but was able to make me a decent offer. Now, I'm not a stranger to Michaels. I've been a regular since the store opened about 12 years ago and was in fact one of their wholesale reps for several years. If things go well, I'll start offering classes with them in October. Next steps involve me trolling dark alleys with yarn and roving tied to my waist, enticing fiber addicts to spend an hour or two in my company. $15 dollar? Me love you long time.

What else has this fiber Ho been up to? Plenty. In the interest of time (and considering that have things I have to take care of this morning), I'm going to give you the quick and dirty details now and fill in with pictures later.

* NOSO Knit was an absolute blast (Pictures and more details later this week). I met some great people and didn't have nearly enough time to chat with everyone I wanted to. However, some of us are planning to be at the Fall Fiber Festival next weekend so hopefully we'll hook up there. I'm going to enter some of my handspun in the competition. If nothing else, I hope to get some good feedback on how to fine tune my spinning.

* Sadly enough, the baby mitered U is still unfinished. I officially hate the yarn and the strangeness of the pattern. I'll finish it this weekend but the stars are filled with creative promise for this week and I'm not going to waste it on this sweater.

* I was outed by Wanda who asked what happened to the scarf that I started with my handspun. And thought that I had distracted y'all so that you'd forget all about it. Two words my friends - frog pond. I didn't love it so it will wait to become something else. I'm currently plying some long forgotten merino silk that I spun in the Spring to see if it will work with the pattern.

* Finally bought buttons for the corset that bled to death and will get around to stitching them on soon.

* I've been plotting out holiday knits on a budget and decided to make a go of using recycled yarn. One trip to Goodwill and I've scored three sweaters worth of beautiful yarn for less than $10. My first victim was a turtleneck knit with black/white/grey silk wool yarn. It feels a lot like Elizabeth Lavold silky wool with a bit heavier gauge. Its all ripped, washed and is now drying on the deck in the sun. This mighty fine yarn will likely make its way into a cabled sweater for myself. I promise photos so you can drool with me.

* I scored some gorgeous cinnamon Huacaya alpaca from the Fuchsia Fleece at NOSO on Saturday. Scarlett's fiber is beyond words. I'm an alpaca virgin so I wasn't sure if spinning it would be too much of a challenge. I'm madly in love with the stuff because it spins like a dream. I can spin this stuff as fine as thread! I only bought two ounces but I think that if I'm consistent, I'll net about 350 yards of plied lace weight once its all said and done. To celebrate, I took the lace shawl plunge and cast on for Kiri. Not only is the pattern awesome but this alpaca is so soft when knit up. I'm truly in heaven.

* Rogue's sleeves are slowly progressing. Man I hate endless boring inches of stockinette. I fear that if I don't finish soon, I'm going to get kicked off the island. Why don't the knitting gnomes ever visit my house?

Well, gotta run. I'll get photos up soon. Enjoy the last day of summer.


Kim/Chef Messy said...

Wow, you've been busy!

Me, I like endless rows of boring stockinette. But that's because by the end of the day, I have no brain. What am I talking about--I BEGIN the day with no brain! Anyhow...

Carrie said...

Tanya--would you consider teaching spinning basics out of your home in your quest to make money from fiber? I am local to you (Roanoke) and have both a handspindle and an Ashford Traveller but I've had very little luck teaching myself from books. I think I need someone with experience to help me out. Anyhow, if it would be something that you'd like to do, drop me an email. Thanks, Carrie

IndigoMuse said...

Argh! Your profile didn't give me access to your email, Carrie. Email me at indigomuseatverizondotnet and hopefully we can connect.


Becky said...

Hehe...I love how you call Michaels your pimp.

La said...

Man, Fall Fiber JEALOUS!

Hey, where's Zira? Haven't heard from her in a while. BTW IF it happens at all, the great JenLa reunion will be happening the week before Thanksgiving. You asked me to give you a heads-up a while back.

Lolly said...

Tanya, that is great about the classes at Michaels! You can get all the locals riled up and then start your own store: they will be loyal for life then! ;P

Have fun at the FiberFest--that sounds so nice!

emmy said...

WOW!! That is great about Michael's! You should get Blogger to hire you to write for their "HELP" section. Your instructions for linking were far superior. I got it right away with your explanation.Thanks a million! I am so pleased about it. See you again soon I hope!

Amy Boogie said...

Congrats on the job!
Although you sound pretty busy without it :)

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