Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Sound of Silence

Save the hustle and bustle of school day mornings and afterschool activities, silence has been restored to la casita de muse. After dropping the Things off at school today, I could quitely contemplate my day over a cup of soon to be over priced coffee. But where silence exists, peace does not.

My heart still weighs heavy with the anchor of sorrow over the losses experienced in the Gulf Coast. In the silence of night, overwhelming feelings of helplessness and guilt not only keep me up but move me regularly to tears. Our human nature to lay blame is beginning to take over the airwaves including bloglandia. I'm hesitant to get involved in these discussions because WE as a collective race equally share the burden of blame especially when it concerns the less fortunate. Its too easy to shift the burden to someone else's shoulders so that we can sleep better at night rather than examine ourselves to see what we could have done to facilitate a different outcome. Can we say that as a society - the self proclaimed PREMERE nation of the world - that we have taken the best care of those who are less fortunate and those in need (I'm not talking about just during times of crisis)? I've worked on behalf of them for over half of my short life and I can honestly say that I don't feel that I have. Before the hurricane, before the waters rose, before the tragedy took place - where was the concern for the indigent? And why have we as a society forsaken them for so long? Do not quickly place the yoke of blame on the local, state, federal and executive level government officials, America. This is OUR country and OUR problem and WE need to come up with solutions.

In the silence, I have found solace in knitting. I've joined my friend Nana Sadie Rose and many others to knit face cloths for those in need in the Gulf Coast. I've given money to the Red Cross and will give more as possible. I've prayed and will continue to do so. And I'll continue to search for ways that I can better do my part for my fellow man. And I know that I'm in good company with so many of you who already do so much. I'm just sorry that it took a tragedy like Katrina to get my full attention.

I know that many of you have wondered why I've been strangely silent for the last week. In addition to being away on vacation, I just needed to clear my head of some of the confusion and frustration. I'll be back to regular fiber blogging again by the end of the week. Thanks for listening.


La said...

Very well put IM! I can't tell you how much I was saddened by the tragedy in the South, but the fact that so many have reacted destructively in anger and finger-pointing and blame-gaming, instead of constructively has saddened me even more.

Thank you for your very well thought out and introspective post. Gave me something to think about. I hope it does the same for others

Lauren said...

Great post, Tanya.

Heather said...

I just love this post. Hear hear.

bethanie said...

I totally agree, I think many of us have the same thoughts/questions as you.