Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Conspiracy theory...

I'm convinced that DH is conspiring against me. Since we moved, he's been a slave driver - we must unpack, put up, accessorize, clean, etc. every single night after he gets home from work. I love our new house but I am so sick of packing and unpacking. It's the LAST thing I want to do at the end of the day. All I want to do is release the day's stress by knitting. I mean come on, I get up fix him breakfast and see him off to work, get to work myself (I telecommute) before my 2DS wake up, fix more breakfast, more work, shlep the boys to music camp, run errands, more work, fix DH lunch (yes, he comes home for lunch since we live close to work), more work, break up a couple of skirmishes, fix dinner, more work AND THEN comes the fun of unpacking some boxes or putting up pictures until 11:30 pm. When do I get a break? I know, I'm whining. I should just suck it up and do my penance. My reward will be vacation with very dear friends next week on the beach. Lots of knitting will be had then so maybe I can make up for this lapse.

Don't think that I haven't done a LITTLE bit of knitting though. I'm still plugging along on my beautiful, wispy pink cloud poncho. I designed my own simple pattern for this dream girl. I've knit about 6 inches so far and I'm so in love with the feel of this yarn(K1C2). I know that it will potentially shed on whatever I wear with it but I don't care - beauty before functionality :) I also bought some hand dyed Bartlett yarn from The colors are great but the bulky weight that I bought is TOO bulky - even to felt with. The upside is that I'm going to get a spindle and learn how to spin this down. I can't wait. I know that I'll probably flounder with it at first I may find a new addiction (just what I need now). I'll keep you posted :)

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