Friday, July 09, 2004

Home Sweet Home

As Dorothy said "there's no place like home." I'm so glad to finally be in mine. Sorry that I've been away from blogging but as you may know, moving keeps you busy. I was off from work until Tuesday doing nothing but unpacking, buying new furniture and lots of organizers for all of our stuff. The house is absolutely incredible. Triple the space that we had in our old house. Three additional bathrooms, my own knitting salon and office, lush, green forests surround the neighborhood (its in a hidden valley), my dream kitchen and the most romantic master bedroom on the planet - I've died and gone to heaven! I think that we're going to be unpacking forever though. If only I had a magic wand :)

I didn't pick up a single knitting needle until Wednesday. A week without knitting makes IndigoMuse a cranky girl. My "suppa club" met at a local bistro for dinner on Tuesday where I had the misfortune to see one of the girls wearing a beautiful, lacy poncho. I've been resisting the urge to make one because the concept of knitting two giant triangles wasn't very appealing. However, this one was drapey and wispy and made me drool. So needless to say, I bought some Berroco Cotton Twist and started my own freestyle poncho. After knitting almost one skein, I realized that this is not the yarn to use so I went on a mission. I found a soft baby yarn that I'm trying now though I'm not sure that its "the One" either. I also bought a gorgeous baby mohair and silk yarn (knit one crochet two) to swatch. I might fall in love with this one - it wouldn't take much :) I'm thinking about maybe some Lorna's Laces in Heaven or Helen's Lace but I'm not sure that I want to go broke experimenting with this yarn. Anyone have any recommendations? Like I need to start another WIP...

I have SYAS - Severe Yarn Addition Syndrome! I have two TUBS full of yarn and still feel the need to buy more. I guess the only thing that will stop me is that my yarn account (yes, I have a separate checking account for my yarn money) is hurting right now so maybe I'll stop until payday.

Gotta run. So much unpacking, so little time...

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