Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Weeeee - I got a package from my secret pal

I've been so busy coordinating all of the other secret pals activities that I'd forgotten that I had a secret pal - certainly not because my secret pal has neglected me though :) I am such a kid when it comes to getting packages - free samples, cards, anything that might contain a "surprise" inside. So anyway, I went to my PO box yesterday to find a key to one of the package boxes. I've ordered all sorts of stuff for my secret pal lately so I half expected that was what the box contained. SURPRISE! A big box from my secret pal (who is from Santa Clara California) was contained therein. I could hardly wait until I got home. My kids were jumping around - open it, open it. Here's what was inside:

* The sweetest card congratulating my family on our new house (thanks for being so thoughtful)
* Four brightly wrapped tissue paper parcels:
1.) A yarn cutter pendant (I have eyeballed these at my LYS for some time)
2.) A brass sheepy knitting needle/stitch gauge (another much coveted item)
3.) Three beautiful art glass beaded stitch markers (gasp, they are so beautiful)
4.) A felted fish kit from Patternworks (I actually squealed when I opened this one). It includes the cutest felted fish pattern and four skeins - bright yellow, neon green, turquoise and fucshia - of Nature Sport wool. These fish are so adorable. I can't wait for them to "swim" in my washing machine :)

Thank you for your thoughtful and creative gifts, secret pal o'mine. You brightened my day in ways that you can't imagine. I promise to get pictures up as soon as I recharge my digital camera batteries. Thanks again for spoiling me! :)

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