Thursday, November 11, 2004

Feelin' blah

My throat is killing me. I could barely sleep last night because I couldn't breathe. And everytime I did fall asleep, I had these freaky fever induced hallucinations that would jolt me awake every twenty minutes. I was finally able to get in to see a doctor this afternoon. I hope that he can either give me some good drugs or a boot to the head. Either would be fine by me right now.

Not much to report in fiber art news. I ordered my Golding spindle (its ebony and just beautiful) in the hopes that I'd get it by Saturday. However, with today being a holiday, I guess that won't happen :( Its all for the best since I don't have any fiber to play with just yet. I have had fun drooling over the luxury fibers on the internet. I can't wait to play with some cashmere and alpaca - yum!

I knit a bit on the houndstooth bag. I have just a few more rows and then I'm finished. I'll borrow a friends camera and take some pictures of pre and post felting. I must admit that I'm nervous about how this tote will turn out. I've spent way too much time on it and if it doesn't felt properly, I think I'll cry.

On the spinning front, my curiosity about knitting with dog hair got the better of me. Since I was a worthless lump yesterday (I called in sick), I did a bit of research on the internet to find tons of info on Chiengora. Needless to say, Mavis was in trouble last night. I bought a slicker brush and went to town brushing her. I must admit that she didn't have nearly as much fur as I thought she would so I ended up with one good handful. It was just enough for me to try my hand at spinning with Corgi hair. Her fur is black and white so the resulting yarn is sort of heathery colored. It has a pretty halo and is incredibly soft. It spun up into sort of a thick and thin yarn. I'm going to keep brushing and spinning her hair until I have enough to knit a swatch with (which might be a while). The only down side is that they recommend that you wash and deodorize it AFTER you spin it and well, your hands smell like dog once you're finished - yuck. I'll post pictures of my first efforts once I borrow someone's camera.

I'm off to the doctor in the hopes that he can help me swallow again.


Lauren said...

My boyfriend always rolls his eyes about "chiengora" (great name, btw) but I know without a doubt he will make a "That is soooo cute!!!" face when I tell him about "corgigora"!

Amy Boogie said...

Get well soon!
We've been collecting fluffy Mutt hair for a while now, I haven't had enough that i've been happy with to start spinning. I look forward to seeing what you do.

Lauren said...

Tanya-get better soon!! I hope the doctor helped you out a little!

My pups have very short hair and I don't think I could ever spin with their fur... but my kitties on the other hand... well, maybe I should tackle spinning wool first...

Take care, and make sure to get a good night's rest! Sometimes that is the best medicine :)

Heather said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather, mon amie.

I hear you about the sore throat...I still sound like an old squeeze box someone left in the rain to get rusty...

Definately deodorize that hair...but I bet it will be so pretty...there is a book...knitting with dog's really amazing. Rabbits after all are rodents! :) I love that you are spinning! I can't wait to see your stuff! I know it will be fabu!

love h

Teresa said...

Tanya...sorry to hear that you are sick. Hope the doctor was able to help and that you have turned the corner toward getting better.

I absolutely LOVE your blog!
When I get a chance I'm going to link to you as a daily read.

BTW...I posted a comment on the Fall Foilage Photo Contest rules page letting you know I just posted a picture on my blog I'd like to enter.

Take care of yourself!!