Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Its so BIG...

Sunday would be the day. Long had desire burned inside my soul to be with him again. I couldn't take the separation anymore and I began to take careful measures to be one with him. Yes today would be the day.

DH decided to make a recyclables run and the kids were happily playing outside. "It would be so easy to arrange a meeting," I thought. And with that, I made it so. I stealthfully sneaked to our special place, checking to make sure that I wasn't followed. "They have no idea where I am," I smirked to myself. I locked the door behind me and with a deep sigh took him all in. Where to begin? My hands tingled with anticipation. There was so much of him to explore. Our eyes met. My heart skipped a beat and my temperature began to rise. I turned to the door, "maybe I shouldn't be here." But he softly beckoned me and I willingly fell under his spell. I ran my fingers through his locks, soft and long. "I could linger here forever," I whispered. But I knew our time together would be short so I didn't squander it with wanton fantasy. Our hearts met in a twinge of heat as I reached in to find his softness. "More," I mumbled, "I want more", knowing that it was mine for taking. How quickly I had forgotten his girth, just how BIG he really is. And the more I touched him, the larger it seemed to grow. I gasped and thought again about racing for the door. No, I should stay, this is what we both wanted, needed. It had been so long, months in fact since they had been together. My hands trembled as I found more of his mounting fullness neatly tucked away waiting for my touch again. Let's not wait so long next time, my love. I can't take the anticipation. "Yes! Yes!" I exclaimed, admiring his fullness now spread out before me. "I want you, I want ALL of you." Suddenly, a sound from the driveway. DH had returned as evidenced by the Vanagon rumbling around the corner. "I must leave, my love, but I'll return later." "Don't go," he beckoned. "Stay with me, you know you truly love ME, want ME." I touched his tousled locks one more time, blew him a kiss and quickly shut the door behind me, heart throbbing in my chest and hands shaking. I quickly gathered myself to return to my family. Soon, my dear sweet yarn stash, I will return again soon...

Now before you feel sorry for me and think that I have no sex life, I want to assure you that DH has the same effect on me that fiber does :) Yes, I explored my stash this weekend. I never had space at the old house to spread it all out and admire it at once. It is truly a sensual experience to be "one" with all of my fiber :) On Sunday, I secretly pulled all of it out while the testosterone trio was busy and played with it. Wanna see how BIG it is? (Tee hee)

I separated it into sections in order to admire it fully. Step into my secret hideaway for a peek...

Can you tell I like Cascade 220?  Posted by Hello

Araucania Nature Wool - the best for felting projects! Posted by Hello

My Manos/Corriedale wool obssession... Posted by Hello

Random yarns Posted by Hello

Novelty or synthetic yarns Posted by Hello

I'll save the knitting tools, books, UFOs and FOs for another post. After this little exercise, I realize that I need to do some serious stash busting this winter. I can't believe my yarn addiction has grown this huge in just seven months!

Knitting notes:

I'm almost finished with the Houndstooth tote. Yea! i'll have a prefelted photo of her tomorrow. I just need to whip up the strap and a few inner pockets and put a fork in this project, its done.

Jen sent me a package of some of her luxurious fibers on Monday. Oh happy day! My Ebony Golding spindle was waiting for me when I come back into town from Richmond on Monday night. I wanted to sleep with it last night. Its so pretty! I'm ready! I've spun up all of the mystery roving that I had laying around. Here's my first "real" spinning with a "real" spindle:

Roving before spinning Posted by Hello

Golding gurl and my first handspun with her (yes its pink AND green mystery roving) Posted by Hello

I carded the roving (well, I used a wire dog brush) before spinning it which helped things go smoother this time. Okay, all you seasoned spinners, I'm ready for a critique. Is this how its supposed to look? You can tell me the truth. I can handle it.

Other random bits of happiness:

My (not so) secret pal, Heather, is officially engaged to her Boyo. Much love to both of them and her sweet Pixie. She also has a birthday coming up next week :)
Ei just celebrated a birthday - happy, happy birthday!

I'm back to work. I have some serious catching up to do since I was out sick most of last week.


La said...

Whew! Glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way about their stash. But you're one step ahead of me. I'm not willing to share its entirety with the whole world...yet.

Rossana said...

Stasherotica! Thanks for the titillating read!

Lauren said...

Hiya Tanya :) Love the stash photos! I cannot believe how much I have accumulated in the last year... I think I am a tad obsessive!

Take care, and have fun with stash-busting! I am trying to figure out how to do some too!

ErLeCa said...

That's the best description of stash love I've ever read! BTW I just started drop spindle spinning too. I don't have a golding spindle, but I like to think my attempts have turned out nice! Keep it up, yours is looking great!

Heather said...

OOOH You bad bad lady...wooing your stash that way...

I am to afraid to post my stash...I have wayyyy too boyo would make me de-stash if he knew what was hidden! :) teehee!

lovelovelove the peek though...I definately share your love of the cascade 220. great stuff.

Everyone is spinning!

Can't wait to see the hound!

Anonymous said...

hehe, yarn porn, LOL! kinky...


Amie said...

Your spinning looks great! It's about the same as mine on a spindle!!! You'll be surprised how quickly you'll improve with practice! (I just keep practicing on the wheel, so I'm a perpetual spindle beginner!)