Tuesday, February 15, 2005

(((((Heavy Sigh)))))

That sigh is me giving in to the negative energy that has surrounded my tech toys. I have some bad computer karma right now. I took my poor sick laptop into the office and it was "fixed". Needless to say, after I got back home (which is almost 200 miles away from the office), I found that it was missing software, all of my files and I didn't have administrator rights so I can't edit any of the settings. I'm going to have to ship it to the office and pray that it comes back to me in one piece. I haven't had a real computer since Jan. 24th. I'm dying here. I barely have contact with the outside world. I miss you guys and visiting your blogs. Its lonely without my high speed internet connection. Wahhhhhhhhhh!

Thanks for letting me whine, I feel better already. I still don't have a camera but I've decided to just go buy one rather than try to get the Nikon fixed. However, the kid's computer has a hard time with photo uploads so even if I did have one, I wouldn't be able to show you pictures. I feel like my blog is so naked without some show and tell. Please bear with me. I hope to be back to normal soon.

On the home front, I buckled and got another guinea pig for Thing 2. Her name is Maika (a name that he made up and I really like) but we call her Mai for short. She's so tiny compared to Booger who's three. She's so quiet and docile. She has yet to bite (something that Newt would rarely do but most certainly would if she was done playing) and is wonderfully sweet and snuggly. I think getting another was a good move and has helped us all cope with Newt's passing. Thanks for all of the suggestions and thoughts so many of you shared with me. I'll post photos of her soon (I hope).

On the knitting front, nothing since this time last week which was when I finished the Corgigora flower. I was out of town the latter part of the week and found that I lacked all energy this weekend. I guess I'm in a slump :( I am pleased to announce that my felted tote fetched $75 at the Fat Tuesday auction last week! I was so flattered! Several people are interested in placing orders so we'll see how busy I am this spring.

On the spinning front, I attended my first group spin in Thursday night! I'm still jumping up and down. There were four of us (one was a mom from the boys' school and neither of us knew that the other of us spun) and we spun together for over two hours. I'm still working on a couple of ounces of merino/alpaca. We already have another date planned for March. The ladies deemed me an alien because my spinning is so good for a beginner. I honestly just do what feels right especially since I've had no one to watch until now. I have so much to learn and can't wait to meet more of this group. We're going to have Jen (The Spirit Trail) come out in the Spring for a trunk show and invite people to come in and demo techniques such as needle felting. I can't wait! I finally feel a sense of belonging.

Well, I need to make an attempt to work. Without my files, I'm somewhat lost. I just want to hibernate for a couple of weeks. By then, I'll have my computer back and spring will be right around the corner...

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Lauren said...

Good luck getting everything fixed, Tanya! Sorry all this came at you... computer troubles are the worst. This too shall pass... hopefully soon! I miss you :)

Have fun with your new guinea pig--I like this name too.

Take care :)