Monday, May 16, 2005

Cheeky Little Monkey

What's more fun than a little monkey hanging in an orchid?
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How's about a little monkey that knits?
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Or better yet two cheeky little monkeys cheesing it up for the camera?
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Meet The Cheeky Little Monkeys, my latest knitted and felted creations. They're finger puppets and no more than 4 inches tall. The knitting monkey is on its way to Jen for winning the Zira clothing contest a couple of weeks back. I believe that the remaining monkey is going to be one of the first of my knitted offerings that I put here for sale. Whaddayathink? Would you buy one for $8-$10?

My weekend was much more laid back than I've had in eons. I played with my new fiber all day Saturday (after housecleaning for 5+ hours - yuck). I spun and dyed some of the Corriedale that I've been working on for what seems like forever. I've been working it in smaller batches just because large batches don't seem to clean as well (at least not for me). I'm petrified to put the fleece in the washer so I'm washing it all by hand. There's no rush so I'll muddle through. Friday signalled the arrival of the last two fleeces that I bought. They're Navajo Churro and are from a non-profit - Black Mesa Weavers - that supports the Native American heritage behind this wool. I admit that I thought that the wool would be horribly course and stiff but after washing and carding it, I was surprised at how lofty and soft it is. It can have a staple length of up to 12 inches! Anyhoo, I felt good about not only supporting their way of life but spinning some very cool fleece. Check them out in May when they'll have their 2005 fleeces available. I'll post all of my spinning pictures later this week since this post is already full of graphics.

I have a short, busy week ahead of me. Thing 2 is in an in-law's wedding this weekend so we're off to the beach for two weekends in a row. I hope that the weather cooperates. It sure is cold right now. 67 degrees = brrr! In the meantime, here are some of the Zira sightings from MS&W (there I said it as I am no longer bitter). Let me tell you, this little monkey made her rounds. I've seen more pictures than these out there in bloglandia and have somehow managed to lose a couple (Help!). I'll continue to update this list until Monday, May 23rd and then voting will begin. Get your photos in to me asap so that your shot is in the running for its place on a real US postage stamp.

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MinxKnits and Zira

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Devashands, Vibegrrl and Zira

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Pixiestikz and Zira

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Keowdieknits and Zira

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Harlot and Zira


La said...

Boy does that Zira get around!

Lauren said...

I was so sorry to miss my chance with the lovely Zira--I did get to hold her for awhile. The new Cheeky Monkeys are SO cute, Tanya! I just love this theme--it is amazing that you just whip these out so fast! They are really adorable :)

Hope your busy week goes well. Have fun at the beach. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care :)

Heather said...

Zira is anxiously awaiting her return to you! I have to burn all her vacation photos to a disc, and all her assorted fun items she got from MDS&W! :) she's going to love her new friends...wait until I tell her!

Eilene said...

As you can see...Zira made a big hit with all the knit bloggers. You are very talented Tanya. ;-)