Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The sound of one hand clapping

The sound of one hand clapping would be pretty quiet, IMHO. That's how I feel about blogging as of late. I try to post project pictures. I post at least once a week. And yet, comments are few and far between. Yes, I'm a comment whore but only because I crave interaction with others in the world. I'm pretty lonesome as a telecommuter and work hard to connect with my fellow humans, especially fiber fiends. I can't even get people to respond to my posts on KR :( For me, no comments = no connection. Perhaps my knitting and/or spinning content is boring, my pictures aren't creative or the look of my blog too mundane. Whatever the problem is, I wish that someone would tell me. I'm open to criticism. Just don't leave me hanging. Nuff said.

In all reality, this blog is an opportunity for me to blah blah blah if for no one else but myself so I'll continue to crank out commentary. We headed to the beach for the long weekend. It was a warmer holiday weekend than in the past five years and yet it was still a bit too chilly to be at the beach. The one day that it was really nice (Sunday)and warm, I was sick in bed most of the time with the flu :( At least the three Things had a good time (I realized after taking this picture that it looks like they're all staring at that woman's butt).
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
And even the piggies got in on the action (Mavis was there too but as you may recall, she hates cameras so we try not to traumatize her). I honestly don't remember much about the weekend because I was in a feverish fog. I did somehow manage to spin and ply about 100 yards of the pink merino silk for H.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is how I feel when I'm spinning it. I LOVE this stuff.

And I knit some more on the never ending Tempting. Have I mentioned that I decided to use some Helen's Lace from my stash to make a more airy version of the pattern? Seemed like a good idea at the time except for the fact that its knit on tiny needles and takes forever to "grow". At this rate, I might finish it next year. It's not much to look at but here's a peek:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm working on several Cheeky Little Monkeys and hope to wrap them up by weeks end. A couple of people have asked about the pattern for the monkeys. Please forgive me but to be honest, I'm on the fence about publishing it. For one, I'm completely unsure about my pattern writing abilities and two, I feel so emotionally tied to the pattern that I'm not sure that I want to put it out there. It would be like giving away one of my kids. I'll keep thinking about it.

Here's one from the vault. I never showed you pictures of the finished mohair Kyoto (which is obviously too warm to wear now-a-days).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I promise you that it looks better on than off. It looks really colorful in the photo but the colors are much more muted in person. However, I still look like someone recovering from the flu so I'll spare you a photo of me in it. I'm thinking about entering it into the Knitty calendar contest. I hope to see some of the knit blogger knits in there :) Catch ya tomorrow with the contest winner.


Jennifer said...

Guinea Pigs at the beach? Now I've seen everything!

Do they catch frisbees like the dogs out in the surf or are they more "fruity drinks under the umbrella" types?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tanya. Sorry to be neglecting my comment duties! ;j. I understand - I get very few comments, either. Your pics of your work are beautiful (as are your kids...) Keep posting - we're reading!


Amy Boogie said...

I'm a neglectful commentor at times. I used to chatter on incesantly and well, I guess I still do on my blog. On other people's spaces, I try not to say anything unless I have something to add. I read you everytime you show up in my bloglines list so I'm still reading.

I understand about the Zira pattern. I would love the pattern too but I understand the connection.

Knit on :)

Lauren said...

Your finished Kyoto is so cool--can't wait to see that modeled. I like the color changes, and it is mohair, and I love that. Hope you are feeling better after the flu... that totally sucks.

I really like your Tempting too--perhaps you can finish that one in time for the Knitty calendar as well... I am hoping to enter mine as one of the entries :)

Take care, T. I am reading :)

Heather said...

Darlin! I love that the piggies got some beach action! adorable!

I definately think you should send in kyoto...I want you to model it...I think it's gorgeous!

Look at that pink...oh man. hehe.

I kinda agree about Zira...she's one in a million.

Renee said...

I know what you mean about comments. It is nice to know that SOMEONE out there is reading. I enjoy your blog and am always here reading but don't often comment. I will try to be better.

--Deb said...

Yes, I read, too! Please don't feel neglected.

Gracie said...

How fun! The guineas at the beach! Maybe we can take Hendrix and Lynard on a road trip so they can go to the beach too! Kyoto looks so great! Don't you hate it when you finish something and can't wear it? Have a wonderful rest of the week!

KnitNana said...

I try to post, honest! Love the piggies as everyone else does - MAVIS???? We MUST talk! Love the cheeky monkeys too!

Bobby said...

The whole land of knitting blogs seem to be commentless lately. I don't know if it's because bloglines allows you to be lazy, and read 15 blogs at once, or everyone jumped off a bridge, or, um, hell i don't know. The blogs that do have lots and lots of comments seem to write more about the devistation of third world countries, than knitting or spinning, but people seem to adore the misery.