Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Magical Mystery Tour

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Hullo All!

I'm off on my magical mystery tour to Maryland Sheep and Wool. And thanks to IndigoMuse, I have some fashionable new clothes to wear for my debut. I loved Jen's idea for a tube top but in all reality, with no boobs, I couldn't pull it off. IndigoMuse made me a black cross backed cami out of mercerized cotton with a seed stitched bottom.

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The mini is made from some sort of evil Berroco cotton that made IM cuss quite a bit. However, it is a very beautiful color so I think it was worth it. And to complete the look, I have a matching neck scarf and a belly ring.

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Now I'm ready to meet Yarn Harlot and all of you knit bloggers. I'll be at the meetup at 12:30 on Saturday and at the Harlot's book signing. I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday complete with a black backpack with my name on it. So if you see me, please stop, take some pictures and say "hi." See you soon...



Lauren said...

That Berroco Cotton Twist is quite evil indeed.

Lauren said...

That cotton may be bad, but look how stylin' you are, Zira! Love the neck scarf :)

Rossana said...

Cute outfit! Your stylin'!

Moze said...

Great duds. But Zira, honey, if you stop in Israel on your world tour we're going to have to get you some more appropriate clothing. What would you think of moving the neck scarf to your head? [g]