Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Knitting Feng Shui

I'm working hard on coming up with a design for my knitting sanctuary. I'm reading up on feng shui for the home and have received some input on Pantone colors to use to create positive energy. I hope to do some painting and other decorating of my little space this weekend. The Monster-In-Law is coming to see the new house and I hope to make myself scarce so as not to interact with her during her stay (another story for another time). I hear that Ikea now has home delivery (though I haven't confirmed this yet) so I might be able to get some furniture that fits my theme sooner than later. I'm planning on making space in my sanctuary for this beauty...

It's an IJOY chair from Brookstone. I'm convinced that there's a little person embedded in this chair that chops, kneads, and massages you into blissful submission. It's Nirvana and it will be mine for my birthday (Oct. 31). Let the countdown begin :)

Still working on the baby sweater. I'm almost through all of the increases, slip stitches and buttonholes. I might be able to wrap it up and block it Thursday. I'm impressed with how its turning out so far. I hope that once I start the sleeves, I'll still be as enthusiastic. My Berry Lacy poncho is whispering to me from its little project bag. Maybe I can sneak some rows in this weekend.

Off topic, school doesn't start for the boys until Sept. 7th. I love my boys but having them home and working from home all summer has been quite a challenge. I'm looking forward to being able to focus again and get work done without a barrage of interruptions. Not to mention that it has been hard to have any semblance of a schedule. Once they start school, I can actually focus on them when they come home in the afternoon from school instead of feeling so guilty about having to work wacky hours just to cram everything into the day. Balancing work and family this summer has been quite a juggling act. Speaking of work, its time for me to get back to it...TTFN

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