Friday, August 13, 2004

Oh Happy Day!

Lookie what I got in the mail from my secret pal - yummy Noro and Squiggle for a felted bucket bag pattern that includes charms (one that I've never seen before and I thought that I'd seen them all). I haven't had time to felt anything in over a month so I'm looking forward to the two felting projects (note that I'm finally posting a picture of the fish kit that my pal gave me last month) that my KRSP has indulged me with. Thank you so very much secret pal. You absolutely spoil me rotten which is apparently hard to do since I've been deemed a princess...

I still have yet to find a celtic trinity knot pattern anywhere out in cyberspace. I've got the bug pretty bad. The closest that I've found was an Elsebeth Lavold pattern in her Viking Knits book. I also found this new cutie from Fiber Trends which has nothing to do with cables but DOES include the cutest needle felted sheep.

As far as MondoCable, I think I may try it. Bonne Marie suggested that I swatch first since the gauge is for the chunky yarn is close to the Morocco. I'm not sure that the linen will handle the cable very well since it has absolutely no give at all. Must learn to knit cables, must eventually knit Rogue. I'm a princess on a mission...

No knitting for like three days. However, I'm strangely content. I think because I'm trying to get ready to paint my knitting salon this weekend. Taping the carpet, corners, etc. I know that DH is going to hate the color but then again he doesn't want the walls to be anything but white. I even found these great crystals to add to the paint to give it a subtle sparkle. He's really going to hate those. Oh well, I like the sparkles, I like the paint and its my room - so there!

I had an idea that I posted at KR in order to decorate my little room (check it out here). We'll see what the response is and whether it will fly or not. I may break down and go to the local knit in on Sunday. I hate taking time away from the fam on weekends but I'd really like to hook up with other knitters in the area. Since I've had absolutely no luck with other venues, I might as well try this one (since its the ONLY one). I'm really starting to feel like a pariah.

Unrelated to knitting, the cooking world (my other passion) lost a great today - the story is here. Julia Child's went to that big gourmet kitchen in the sky. I must say that while her voice was too funny at times, she was one helluva chef. I tip my hat to the great Ms. Childs and thank her for inspiring me to cook.

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jenifleur said...

Wow that sheep bag is cute, I love it. Add that to the *long* list of fibertrends things I must have!