Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Now and Zen

I'm feeling a bit giddy today. I was plugging along with the baby sweater last night (whilst watching 25th hour with DH - what a blah ending and an equally blah movie) and hit a small bump in the road. I needed stitch holders for the sleeves. I had a simple solution get your trusty Denise Needles. I opened the case and screamed in horror. Not a single cord was left! Not to mention half of the needles are gone. I have UFO (Unfinished Object) syndrome in a bad way. I have got to get some of these projects off my needles. But never fear (this is why I'm so giddy), I simply jaunted to the LYS and bought some stitch holders. It gets better. The LYS was having a sidewalk sale!!! So many great yarns to choose from - Katia Ola, summer tweed, silk, and my find - some beautiful Reynolds Morocco in natural

I bought the last six skeins that they had and saved $20! What a bargain! Now I need to find a pattern for this gorgeous linen/cotton blend. Any ideas? I'm having trouble finding any patterns that use this yarn.

Plodding along with my plans for my knitting Ashram (as my good friend Cheryl has deemed it). I found some color cards for paint and am leaning toward either a wheatgrass beige, windrift green or burnished copper. I've been surfing the Ikea, and websites for ideas. I found an online Feng Shui website I need five elements in the room in order to maintain balance (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). For wood and earth, I'm going to include several plants (I love plants and have plenty to use). For fire I get to use another of my favorites - candles. Still working on something for metal but for water, I'm thinking of either a fountain or a mini pond with koi. Light and circles are also supposed to be good so the half moon window that I was going to cover will remain naked. As far as decorations, a KR member gave me the idea to frame some knit art and include needles. I like this idea though I won't get to this for a while. Check out these other goodies:

Neat bamboo sliding window shades

Floating wall shelves

Love the table, the rug - everything!

I admit that I'm a bit OCD about this room now that I've gotten started. I promised DH that I'd at least have everything put in the closet by the time the monster-in-law came so I need to get moving on that tonight. Enough of a break, back to work I go...


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