Thursday, August 26, 2004

Soooo Tired...(yawn)

I'm still pooped after my 16 hour work day on Tuesday. In addition, we lightly celebrated my baby's 8th birthday when I got home at 8 pm so I didn't get much sleep. Wednesday was rough and for some reason, today is even rougher. So, I'm lethargic and grumpy (pms isn't helping either). Less bitchie, more knittie.

On the knitting front, I'm making great progress on Rogue. I'm about to join the pocket to the body. I'm getting nervous about the neckline though. However, this pattern is so good that I think I'll be fine. Plus, I always have my KR buddies to help me out :) The more I knit with this Cascade tweed, the more I love it. It gets softer the more you handle it - especially if you frog it two or three times (nudge nudge wink wink say no more).

I'm going to start a couple of diets next week. One for my flabby body and one for my yarn addiction. I figure that I'll use the one to support the other. For everyday that I stick to my body diet, I'll contribute money to my yarn account; when I'm bad, I'll take money away. I have to do something. I can't go into a yarn store without coming away with something I really don't NEED but certainly WANT. And, I find myself munching on food I don't need but love to eat. I like rewards so maybe dangling a ball of yummy yarn in front of my face will get me motivated. I got a call yesterday from a client who is commissioning me to knit several felted totes for the fall (yippie) so she will help feed my yarn addiction. I guess I need to work them in while knitting little Rogue girl (boo hiss). Ooo that just gives me an idea to knit a little person Rogue - how cute would that be! I wonder how easy it would be to adjust the pattern? Hmmm....

I'm quite irritated with Blogger. I've decided to redesign my blog since they can't seem to tell me how to fix the code so that their stupid bar doesn't protrude from the top of my page. I'm looking for a new skin since I'm too lazy to design one.

I did a little shopping last week and Tuesday (as you can see from the picture). I found this nifty knitting book, a 2005 calendar and the best part - Classic Elite Miracle. If you haven't touched this yarn, you are missing out in a major way. It feels like pure heaven. Not to mention its exotic color name - Cuban Sunset. This is the yarn that made me realize that I need to go on a diet because I bought two skeins for no good reason. Do I have a project in mind? No, Classic Elite has crappy patterns. Did I buy enough to make anything in particular. No, because I didn't want to buy a bunch and commit to making anything. But it was so soft that I kept petting as it sat next to me on my long drive home Tuesday. I need help. Is there a yarnaholics anonymous out there?

My tired, grumpy butt is going back to work now. Yawn....

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Amanda said...

I totally agree with you on the yarn diet...I have more yarn than current projects. My husband is going to freak out if I buy any more!!

How is that calendar? I think I may need to add that to my wishlist. A pattern a day could help with the stash!

Rogue is looking great!! Knitting very quickly!