Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm goin' back to Cali, Cali, Cali

Now before I get to the subject of my blog title, I need to vent for just a second. For those who would rather skip the vent (because its really only for my benefit and to get it off my chest), jump on down to the next *. Begin rant...

Mom goes over the edge

* How can every peni (plural because there are three) in the house walk past the stinky trash and NOT take it out? And why is it that no one remembers that Thursday is ALWAYS trash day?
* Thing 1, why is it my responsibility to remember to pack your phone charger and the portable dvd player for our trip to visit family this weekend?
* Why is it that no one has checked the mail for the last three days (you told me that you had)? How do I know this? Because I checked it by chance and the box was filled with tons o'mail?
* Thing 2, why can't you remember the "if its yellow let it mellow but if its brown flush it down..." mantra?
* Why doesn't anyone else, besides me, feed Mavis, the fish and the guinea pigs?
* Why is that as I'm about to click the "purchase" button for our plane tickets to CA, DH decides that I should check on flights from every other airport in VA, DC, MD and NC?
* Why is it when I'm knitting, everyone suddenly wants to talk to me? I knit to relax but it becomes stressful when I keep losing count while you ask for the umteenth time where the remote is (you're sitting on it), where's the step stool (in the garage) or would you please open this jar of ____ even though your dad is sitting 6 inches from me and is doing NOTHING?
* Why am I supposed to keep up with all of these details?

I'm convinced that I need a wife to keep me from going insane. I've even developed a twitch over my left eyebrow. I think when we get back from visiting family this weekend (which will surely push me over the edge), that we need to have what my Gma would call a "come to Jesus" family meeting. Or mom is going to end up with a window seat at the loony bin (sounds great at this point).

End of rant. Thanks for your indulgence. I feel much better now.*

California, here we come

Yes, we're going to Cali (LA) and Las Vegas (we're staying at the Venetian) for Spring Break. I can't wait. The V nightclub at the Venetian looks like fun but to be honest, I know nothing about "clubbin". I'm such a geek. Maybe I can get some pointers from some of you more socially savvy people. I hope that the rain is gone by the time we make it out because I need some SUN. We're staying with our good friends who came out to visit us over the summer. All eight of us have an absolute blast together. We'll cook and eat a lot, drink a lot, laugh till we're sick and just have a good time. Sounds like a (almost) perfect remedy for my testosterone trio blues. Hopefully, Adri and I will get to escape them a couple of times. We both need a break.

Introducing Knitterviews

So, Zira came to me over the weekend with a thought. She's still new to the world of knitting and would really like to get to know the MO of knitters from around the world. So she started asking knitters if they would be interested in being interviewed by a felted monkey. And you know what? Everyone that she's asked has said "YES"! Who could resist this face?

She's ready for her close up :) Over the next few weeks, Zira has lined up several Knitterviews (dontcha love the name?) with knit bloggers (seasoned knitting pros and newbies alike), knit designers, publishers and if we're lucky, a celebrity or two who knits. If there's someone that you'd like for Zira to consider for an interview, shoot me an email or leave me a comment. I'm going to give her some practice and let her Knitterview me next week. I'll also Knitterview Zira so send me any burning questions that you may have.

March Spinning/Knitting meetup

Our local spinning and knitting group met for the second time last night. There were some new faces and LOTS of show and tell. I love seeing how creative other people are. Thing 1 and 2 were in tow (DH is out of town) and they even did some knitting. I took Arwen with me and worked on some rainbow colored merino that I was warned by Jen (or was it La?) that it might lose some of its vibrancy once spun. The colors kinda muddle together :( Here's a shot of the roving and what it looks like once spun.

I've tried spinning it from the fold and just the regular way (whatever that means) and I get the same result. But I think it might be pretty once plied. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and thinking Koigu-like thoughts.

I'm fine tuning the felted monkey pattern. I'm knitting the second monkey that I call FM2 using a darker brown and the light brown that I used on Zira. Both boys have dibs on it and want it to be a boy so that Zira can have a boyfriend. I'm thinking that I have enough boys in the house. If I keep felting girl monkeys, we can over power them one day. Bwah ha ha ha hah. A gurl can dream :)

Have a super weekend everyone!


La said...

Tanya: first of all, the one thing I would like to know is just how long does the trash can have to sit before the "staff bearers" put a liner in in? I mean, how hard is it to remember to do? Take the full one out, put a new one in.

Second: Exactly when will you be out here? What part of LA are you going to? And do you have time for a visit? With me and/or Jen? Email me, let's talk! This is so exciting I could almost pee

Lauren said...

Tanya, I love the idea of the Zira Knitterviews. That is great. Look at that sweater and those earrings. She is so stylin'.

Your trip sounds fabulous! Warm and sunny CA and NV sounds better than this weather we have here!

Sorry about all of the house problems...

Gracie said...

I love it knitterviews... I can't wait to see what Zira comes up with! Does she have a roving reporter that is going to travel the globe?

I'm so jealous you are going to LA and Vegas! So fun!!

Lauren said...

Yes, ditto to La's comment. When will you be there?

Rossana said...

I echo La's sentiments on lining trashcans. We've got that prob in our home all the time. I just don't understand and for the sake of retaining the last morsel of my sanity, I've stopped asking about it.

As for your trip, I hope you have a grand time! Erika, her hubby, BF and I stayed at the Venetian in December and it was lovely! May the knitting and gambling gods be with you!

jenifleur said...

Well maybe when you get here it actually will be warm and sunny since you seem to be into that idea. It isn't currently. Cold and rainy, with many a house sliding down a hillside-freeway closures, much geological mayhem as a result of our record shattering rain since Jan. So far we're having our 4th rainiest year ever and we're on track to break #1 (record is like 35 inches back in the mid 1800's we only need 3 more.)

And yes, if you can escape for a bit, we really have to meet up!!

I'd like to know why men/boys are incapable of cleaning bathrooms. In fact, why is their ability to clean not equal to their ability to dirty? I guess we know the reason it's called the "why" chromosome.

Amy Boogie said...

The venting, I could have similar ones and add a million. I think it's the plight of the mom.

I hope your vacation gets you some relaxation time. I love Zira's glammed up look.

emy said...

Love Zira...she looks so funky. I want one! :)

Heather said...

Well, you aren't alone. You are drowning in a sea of men, I am grasping for a life preserver alongside you, in my sea of video game addicts. Pixie's world was ending when she *gasp* cleaned her room and lost the remote...the only thing that allows her to turn on her gamecube! Horrors!! I get grunts when I mention chores...or a "when I finish this level/battle, Momma/Honey"

I hate that! I just get 10 min to knit (rogue) and I get interrupted. I lose my place in the chart...and then my relaxing 10 minutes is spent trying to find my place again.

Enjoy your interlude in Cali...which reminded me that "I left my wallet in El Segundo..." perhaps I can sneak into your suitcase?

Zira! even tho I am not interesting, I give good interview :)heheh.

Love that zira x/o

Leah said...

I say you bop all of those whom bother you during *precious* knitting time over the head with your knitting needles and then throw your ball of yarn at them. HAHA...Keep your head up girlie-and have fun on your vacation!

Leah said...

I say that you bop all who interupt you and your precious knitting time and then throw your ball of yarn at them. HA. Just kidding. Keep your head up and have a wonderful vacation!

chelsea said...

hope the cali trip is treatin' you right!

i received my prize just the other day and I LOVE it! I can't wait to start on the socks... unfortunately, the almond roca was, um... defective. So, it never made it home... I had to .... dispose of it ALL immediately. (heh, MMMM!)

The stitch markers are fantastic, too! Thanks so much. :)

Renee said...

I love your monkey. That sounds dirty but I mean it in the sweetest, cleanest way possible.


Jennifer said...

OMG I *heart* Zira too!! I need that pattern!

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