Friday, June 17, 2005

Eight down, Eighty "too many freaking more" days to go

Yes, summer vacation has begun for Thing 1 and 2 and I'm already counting the days until the go back to school. What does "summer vacation" really mean? Here's a little taste of my summer so far...

"Stop touching me"
"He's looking at me"
"There's nothing to do"
"Do we have to go to bed? Its only midnight."
"Brppppt" - giggle, giggle, snort "BRRRRRPPPPPT" (for those of you without boys, this is the infamous fart game)
"Shower? But I just did two days ago"
"I lost one of the guinea pigs in the space under the stairs"
"Can you help me with ________ because you don't look real busy there on the phone and typing away at your computer?"
"Will you fix me something to eat?" I receive this request about every two hours.
"Mom, Thing 2 ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast"
"Ratatattatatat" - this would be the drum kit that King Thing bought Thing 1 so that he could learn to drum for the summer.
The best/worst moment so far was of the two boys laughing til they couldn't breathe and then running downstairs to recreate for me and King Thing the moment where Thing 2 being the super contortionist that he is, farted on his head while demonstrating to his brother how he could dance with his feet over his back and in front of his face like the girl in the skittles (or maybe its starburst?) commercial. It was a proud moment in parenting indeed.


I want to hear some of your favorite (or not so favorite) summer vacation kidisms in the comments just so I know I'm not alone.

Keep in mind, I'm still trying to work from home and they are 12 and 8 so they should be able to function more on their own. I love my boys but I'm not sure I'll make it through the end of the summer. My only saving grace may be that we're joining a Country Club for their pool (there are no neighborhood pools around here) and we're sending them both to camp for a week in July. King Thing and I haven't been alone for an entire week without the both of the boys in probably five years. Hmmm, what will we do all alone?

I'll be in DC for a conference next week (while the boys enjoy a week at the beach). I'm thinking maybe I could either crash an existing knit in or could arrange a meetup at a bar while I'm in town. Anyone up for joining me? Any suggestions? I think I'm free Monday and Tuesday night. Let me know and I'm there. Next week,(drumroll please)I finally get to meet the divine Ms. H and the uber cute Pixie. I can barely contain myself. Now if I could only muster up the courage to call her (I'm such a geek, Heaz). I'm also hoping to crash Knit Nite too. I promise to take loads o'photos as I plan to bring Zira with me.

It has been a busy week. I've been very grateful that we have good health insurance because I've used the hell out of it over the last few days. I got some good anti-inflammatory drugs for my knee (I tore some ligaments in the left one), got my eyes checked and fitted with contacts and took the kids to the dentist. I'm off of Arwen for a couple of weeks thanks to the mystery knee injury (he said it might just be "old age" - hmpf) which means I dug Brighid (the Golding spindle) out of the closet and will spindle to quench my spinning thirst.

On the fiber front, I picked up a couple of skeins of Koigu (my LYS FINALLY started carrying it.) and decided to make some thong socks. I'll show pictures of the first one next week. They're pretty whacky looking (I call them "Koigulicious") and were actually the design brainchild of King Thing (WTF?). I finished solar dyeing the "mutt" Corriedale and LOVE the results. It really works especially when its really hot outside. And finally, Miss Zira made her trek back home complete with Maryland Sheep and Wool fiber goodies from Heaz (I promise to upload pictures but for now, I have to run buy father's day and birthday presents for my dad, brother and King Thing). I almost forgot - I've already received 11 responses back from people who are going to host Zira's world tour. We're working out the details for dates, etc. and I'll post them soon. This girl is going to be doing some serious travelling based on the responses so far. Zira and I are stoked. Have a wonderful weekend!


Rossana said...

Hi, Tanya and Zira! Come on out to SNB in Clarendon (Barnes & Noble Cafe)--Arlington, VA. Monday night. 7-9 PM. Accessible by the Metro's Orange line and just a couple of blocks from the Clarendon stop. =)

--Deb said...

I wish I had a good story to help alleviate the kid-stress, but since I don't actually have kids, all I can send is my sympathy! You'll get through it, you will!

Kelly said...

Hi Tanya! My LilMan is 2 1/2 years old, so my kidisms are not quite as hysterical as yours. My son is into contradiction lately. You know the phase: he cries because he wants to eat, so you try to give him something to eat & he cries harder & says, "No!"

We also went camping over the weekend. It was LilMan's first experience in sleeping in a sleeping bag in the tent with Hubby & me. We did not realize that he still sleeps "all over the place!" I must have woke up 300 times each night with various 2-year-old body parts poking me in the back/ribs/belly/face!

At least they keep us on our toes!

Kate said...

You are going to love meeting H and all the other MD knitters... they are so much fun. I'm jealous!

sarah said...

I almost have kids since my husband is the oldest of six, with the youngest being 7. They do some crazy things to us during those long summer months, none of the least of which includes a self induced hicky and a list of baby names for my baby (which won't be had for another few years at least) that include names like Donkey and Fiona (a la Shrek). I have your sympathies! But at least it makes for good story telling, right?